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After about forty unnecessary shots of Erica surfing, we see Bradin sneaking down to the beach, and he overhears Leather Jacket and his buddies talking about Erica as a sex object. The nerve! One of them even starts howling like a wolf, like, who does that? Wolf Boy spots Bradin and says that it's a private beach, and Bradin can't surf there. Bradin refuses to leave, but quickly realizes that it's three against one, so he takes off.

That night, Ava and Kyle make out by a campfire. Ava notices the time and freaks out. They kick sand onto the fire, and totally don't put it out, so it was nice that they made a nod to responsible fire safety but I think it takes more than two kicks to douse that blazing fire. Kyle asks Ava what she's doing for Founder's Day, and Ava says she's not into third-tier holidays. Kyle wants to have a picnic at Spanish Cove, which is apparently the only place nearby for romantic encounters. Kyle promises to call her the next day, and Ava runs into the house.

Once inside, she finds Nikki going through some clothes in Ava's studio. Nikki asks if Ava is just getting home from her date with Non-Puffy Nick Brendon. Ava says that she is, and tries to make some lame excuses, and then points out that Nikki should be in bed because she has camp in the morning. Nikki agrees and heads to bed to avoid further discussion on this topic.

Bradin surfs as Erica watches. He jogs up onto the beach, and she asks what's wrong with him today. Bradin pouts, and then tells her not to go out with Leather Jacket, because he heard him talking trash. Erica says, "It's really not cool to tell girls what guys say." Wuh? I don't know. I guess she thinks he's breaking the guy code or something. Erica insists that she can take care of herself, and runs into the water.

Nikki and Goofy go fishing on the pier. Goofy says that he heard that Founder's Day is going to be lame. Nikki thinks he's trying to weasel out of their date, and says that it's okay. Goofy says that they could watch the fireworks from his house, because his dad's going out. Nikki agrees, and Goofy says, "Then it's a date!" Nikki smiles to herself.

Derrick helps Ava prepare dinner, and I'm wondering who is paying for all these groceries, since Jay is the only one we've actually seen working at a paying job so far. Susannah walks in and tells Ava about her meeting with "the money people," which was inconclusive. Susannah says that she thought Ava had a date with Kyle, and Ava makes the excuse that she went to the model store with Derrick and then had to make dinner. Susannah thinks Ava blew Kyle off, and Ava makes more excuses. Susannah says that Ava likes this guy, and that she's doing what she always does when she finds a great guy: she's backing off. Ava says that she knew she shouldn't go out with the parent of Nikki's friend, and that she hates lying to Nikki. Susannah doesn't buy it.

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