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Erica is still struggling with Leather Jacket, who gets increasingly insistent. Bradin shows up and shoves Leather Jacket away. Leather Jacket punches Bradin in the face. Yay! I enjoyed that way too much.

Goofy and Nikki watch the fireworks from the balcony. Goofy takes advantage of the moment to hold Nikki's hand, and they agree that this is nice. Goofy notices that Nikki is cold and grabs a blanket and wraps it around her. She asks if he's cold too, and they end up sharing the blanket. Just when Goofy is about to move in for the kiss, giggling from inside the house interrupts them. Kyle and Ava burst in the door, and fall to the floor, still making out. Um, didn't Kyle know that his son would be there? Inappropriate! Ava spots Nikki and Goofy and gasps. Nikki sees Ava, her shirt half off, and runs away. Ava runs after her.

Leather Jacket and his friends prepare to beat the snot out of Bradin. Jay shows up with a piece of driftwood over his shoulders. Ooh, driftwood. I'm scared now! Bradin says he doesn't need Jay's help, and Jay tells him to shut up. One of Leather Jacket's friends rushes at Jay, and he uses his handy driftwood to knock the guy out. Leather Jacket lets Bradin up, and Jay tells him to leave. Bradin refuses, but Jay tells him again. Erica agrees that Bradin should go. Bradin looks disappointed, and runs off. Jay faces off against the rest of the gang.

Ava chases Nikki back to their house and insists that they have to talk about the fact that Nikki snuck out. Nikki says that Ava lied. Ava says that Nikki was drinking beer. Way to jump to conclusions. Nikki says that it was root beer, and that she wasn't the one taking her clothes off. Ava says that Nikki is thirteen, and that a different set of rules applies to her. Nikki spits that she didn't even kiss the guy, and now she probably won't have the chance. She snarls, "I hate you!" and runs inside, leaving Ava to suck regretfully on her cheeks. ["Lori Loughlin shouldn't do that, by the way. It just draws attention to that hard, mean little Helen Hunt-ish mouth of hers." -- Wing Chun]

The next morning, Bradin paces outside the beach house, and in case the pacing wasn't enough to indicate to you that he is worried about something, he also grabs his head a few times, and then sits down and runs his hand through his hair. Now that's acting! Jay walks out of his room and makes some comment about breakfast. Bradin immediately lights into Jay, saying that Jay isn't his protector, and he can take care of himself. So by "take care of himself," he must mean "take a lot of punches to the face." Jay finally interrupts to say that he didn't go there for save Bradin, and didn't even know Bradin would be there. Jay starts to walk away, and Bradin pulls his shoulder around. Jay takes this as an invitation to threaten a fight, and again, nice parenting. Jay thinks that all this fighting is a reaction to losing his parents, but Bradin insists that's not it. Jay talks about how angry he was at Bradin's age, and Bradin scoffs at Jay's "sob story." Jay says that just because he hasn't been through what Bradin has doesn't mean that he doesn't get it. Bradin snots, "Are you done?" Jay says that the anger won't bring back his parents. Oh, for crying out loud. The only way that scene could've been more corny would be if Bradin broke down crying in Jay's arms.

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