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Nikki writes furiously in her journal until Ava knocks on her bedroom door and enters. Oh dear Lord, what is Ava wearing? It's a cardigan sweater that she has bedazzled with some rhinestone rays radiating out from the collar, and then she has it unbuttoned down to her bra level with nothing on under it. Nikki guesses that Ava wants her to apologize about last night. Ava says it would be a start, because Nikki said some terrible things, and that Nikki's being angry and hurt doesn't justify them. Nikki points out that Ava was wrong, too. Ava agrees that she was wrong to lie. I just realized that the rhinestones on her sweater are actually buttons. I'm not sure which is worse. Ava explains that she's still trying to figure out how to be herself while incorporating the kids into her life, and she'll continue to make mistakes. Nikki smiles and says that she will, too. Ava thinks they should be honest with each other. Nikki says that she wasn't doing anything wrong with Goofy, and that she's not a little girl anymore. She adds that she can deal with Ava dating Kyle, and Ava smiles, since the thirteen-year-old gave her permission.

Ava runs up to Kyle on the beach, all smiles. They hug and talk about how upset the kids were about the whole thing. Ava says that now that they kids know, things will be better, adding that Nikki said Kyle is cool. Kyle doesn't respond, and Ava figures out that he's not on the same page. Kyle says that he's ready to date, but that Goofy isn't ready for him to, and needs more time. Ava's face falls as Kyle just puts his sunglasses on and walks away. They can't be friends in the meantime? Whatever.

Nikki sneaks out to Goofy's house, so clearly she's learned her lesson from the whole incident. Goofy spots her and asks how long she's grounded. Nikki says that it's for two weeks, and Goofy says that he's grounded for three. Nikki apologizes for running away the night before. Goofy says that they were both freaked out, and will probably both need years of therapy. Nikki agrees, and says she had better get going before she is punished again. Goofy stops her, and they kiss. Yeah, he seems really upset about his dad dating.

Johnny walks into the house and finds Bradin helping Derrick to rebuild his model rocket. Johnny smiles, confident that his drunken manhandling solved everything.

Erica knocks on Jay's door. He opens it, and they just stare at each other for a minute, and then start making out. Within seconds, both of their shirts are off, and the door slams. I totally don't get that storyline, and I really don't care.

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