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Pilot (1)

Derrick walks over to a tree and climbs in. Isn't he supposed to sit under the tree? Some hours later, he gets down, disappointed. Weren't they all worried about someone babysitting him earlier? Clearly, no one is watching this kid if he can sit in a tree for hours and no one comes looking for him.

Nikki makes dinner. Bradin walks in, all cheerful, and tastes the food. Nikki asks if he's okay, and looks betrayed that he's happy. Bradin walks out and announces to everyone that he managed to get up on the board. Everyone is impressed. Johnny walks in with two pizzas, which isn't nearly enough for seven people, especially if one of them is a teenaged boy. Derrick grabs a slice, and Nikki yells at him for eating right before dinner. Johnny notices that Nikki is cooking and puts the pizza away. Nikki yells at Bradin for eating pizza and setting a bad example for Derrick. Bradin tells Nikki that she's not his mother. Nikki bitches that dinner is ready if anyone is hungry, but she's not. She stomps up to her room as Bradin tries to apologize. Ava calls out that she'll keep dinner warm in case Nikki is hungry later. Jay and Susannah start to try to help, but Johnny holds them back.

That night, Derrick wakes up from a nightmare and calls for his parents. Nikki hears him and runs down to his room. She hits her mark and stops, instead of continuing to run to his room like a normal person. Nikki holds open her arms, but Derrick runs right by her and hugs Ava, who comforts him. Ava asks Nikki if she wants "to cuddle up under Grandma's comforter and watch an old movie." Nikki just runs toward her room. Ava follows, and this is the best part: Derrick continues to hug her so Ava is running around with Derrick attached to her like a remora or a tumor or something. Ava says she doesn't want Nikki to feel like she has to fill her mother's shoes, and that acting this way won't bring her parents back. Nikki turns and runs up to her room.

Ava pleads with Nikki to talk to her. Nikki turns on her radio and cranks the volume. Susannah stomps out of her room and starts pounding on Nikki's door, explaining that they have neighbors. Johnny wakes up Jay, and they join the party. Ava says that they can't break down Nikki's door. Susannah replies, "Tell that to the cops, who know how to get to this house all too well." What in the hell does that mean? They used to have many loud parties? The cops have a good map? I don't know. Ava explains that she said something insensitive, but she is interrupted when everyone notices Bradin sneaking into his room. Worst sneaking-in ever, especially since he walks right by everyone, and trips on a table or something. Ava realizes that Bradin was surfing at night, and everyone starts yelling at him for being irresponsible. Ava yells at Susannah for yelling at Nikki, and then she yells at Jay for yelling at Bradin. In summary: yelling. Susannah yells that everyone is suffering, and that they can't let Nikki get away with this. Johnny starts yelling at Susannah. Jay is still yelling at Bradin. Ava closes her eyes and yells, "Serenity now!" Not really, but she should have. Ava runs outside, locates the fuse box, and cuts the power to the entire house. I hope their ice cream doesn't melt!

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