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The mailman knocks on the door and delivers the mail, commenting that the brand-new thirteen-year-old got a present from California. First, he totally just let himself into the house to deliver the mail. Don't they have a mailbox? Second, what mailman delivers the mail at breakfast time? Even if it were 6 AM in the previous scene in California, it's probably 8 AM in Kansas. ["Third, why is the mailman so involved with the family? Back it up, dude." -- Wing Chun] Daughter knows that the package is from "Auntie Ava," and Mom and Dad exchange a look like, "Oh, that Ava. With her packages." The daughter reads the card, which explains that she's getting a four-day trip to California for spa treatments, beach volleyball, and a backstage passes to Fashion Week. They have a Fashion Week in L.A.? Nikki (Daughter) wants to call her aunt right away, but Dad reminds her of the time difference. Nikki is sure that Ava will be surfing, but Mom tells her to sit and eat breakfast. Mom and Dad exchange another look like, "Maybe Ava could have asked us first?" And it kind of seems like Dad hates Ava, but again, he's going to die soon, so who cares?

Back in California, Ava gives Susannah (and herself) a pep talk about how prepared they are for this presentation. Non-Aussie Guy walks through the house collecting rent checks from everyone. Susannah asks who died and made him the grown-up. It's a little sad, because I think this setup would work a lot better if the roommates were all in their twenties. But they seem to all be in the mid-to-late thirties, so it's just depressing. Ava rummages through her purse and says that in her next life, she's going to come back as someone who always knows where her checkbook is. Who writes checks anymore? I always know where my checkbook is, because it is so rarely used. Debit cards. Electronic payments. Get with the times! The phone rings, and Ava answers it with a goofy grin. Nikki babbles her thanks for the birthday present. Ava has the most fake-y smile on her face, so either she's a robot, or Lori Loughlin is a horrible actor, or both. Nikki reports that her mom wants to talk to Ava, and hands the phone over. Karen (Mom) is annoyed that Ava didn't check with them first, because Fashion Week is also a school week. Ava blows off Karen's concerns, while continuing to look for her checkbook. Susannah tells Ava that they have to go. Ava tells Karen that she's showing her line to Ian, and that if he likes it, Ava could get her name on her own collection. Karen is less than supportive, telling Ava that if the presentation doesn't work out, she needs to avoid "rocking the boat." Ava complains that Karen sounds like their father. The sisters both hang up, but not before Ava finally finds her damn checkbook, and it was so annoying that she kept searching for it throughout that scene. Ava can't find her keys, and Non-Aussie rent-collecting guy (Johnny) hands them over and wishes her luck.

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