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Pilot (1)

Later, Ian walks Ava and Susannah out of the conference room and advises them to continue developing their ideas and try again later. Ava and Susannah stare at each other, and then Susannah nods, and they start gathering their things. Ian suggests, "You may want to count to ten before you walk away from Ian Straub." I didn't think Ian was that sleazy until he referred to himself in the third person. Now I'm convinced! Ava says, "You may want to leave a little safety zone between yourself and Ava Gregory." Susannah goes, "Ooh!" as if that was a good burn. Ian reminds them that he owns anything they created while in his employ. Susannah says that Ava's "deceptively blonde head" has a lot more brilliance in it. No one talks like that. Merrin Dungey is so much better than this.

Back in rainy Kansas, the kids have gone to school and Karen is writing in her journal about how she's jealous of Ava. The phone rings. Karen sighs and then answers it. She appears shocked, and asks, "Where?" She runs upstairs, where Oldest Son, Bradin, is making out with some chick. Isn't he supposed to be in school? Karen tells him that the levee is out, and that she needs to drive her Chevy to the levee, because the levee is far from dry. Bradin grabs his jacket and asks if they are "sandbagging the bend." Dirty! I don't know what that means. Karen says she's meeting her husband there, and that they'll be gone all night. Bradin is excitedly preparing to join her, but Karen says he needs to stay and watch his siblings. Karen acknowledges the chick in the room for the first time, and says that she'll call the chick's mother to come pick her up.

Did you know that, in California, women just walk down the street in bikinis at all times? And play volleyball? Ava, Susannah, Johnny, and Aussie Guy sit on the beach, drinking beers. Johnny makes some comment about money, and Ava says that it's about that, and workspace, and credibility and owning their own ideas. Susannah comments that she could go to Beverly Hills and get their start-up money from her parents, but that she'd rather feed her feet to a wood chipper. So Susannah's backstory is that she's rich and she hates her parents. Got it. Aussie Guy spouts some philosophy about how having nothing is true freedom, and somehow, no one punches him in the face. Susannah points out that they still have to pay the bills. Johnny and Aussie Guy spot some hot chicks playing Frisbee, and Ava gives them permission to go talk to them. Weird. Why do they need her permission? Johnny stops and tells Ava that he doesn't want to hear that she needed help, including money, and didn't ask him for it. Ava waves him off, and then watches him talking to the ladies. Susannah says that Ava only needs to hold out her hand. Ava says she couldn't do it to Johnny again. Susannah says that he might make Ava happy. So Ava and Johnny were involved, and Ava broke his heart. Got it. Ava says that Aussie Guy (Jay) is right. Ava decides that they need to go to Paris. That night. Because those tickets would be cheap, and that's a great decision for two unemployed people to make impulsively. Susannah is totally behind the idea of being struggling artists in France. Aren't they a little old for this? It just seems like once you hit thirty or so, there's no more struggling artist in you. Maybe I'm just a fuddy-duddy, but I still think this would have worked better with younger leads. Susannah concludes that it will be just like Marrakech, and Ava adds, "Only without the arms dealer!" They dissolve in giggles, because terrorists are hilarious! Ava picks up her phone and calls a travel agent. She gets another call, and takes it. It's Bradin, sobbing so hard that he can't talk. He manages to tell Ava that the river broke through, and that his parents are dead. Bradin kind of looks like he's taking a poop instead of crying. A painful poop, perhaps, but a poop nonetheless. Ava drops the phone and tells her roommates that her sister and brother-in-law are dead. DEAD! She should have looked up at the sky and screamed, "Kaaaaaaareeeeeeeennn!" while shaking her fist in the air. That would have been awesome.

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