The Grass Is Greener Than You Think

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The Grass Is Greener Than You Think

At the house, the four "adults" are playing Rock, Paper, Scissors. Can you even do that game with more than two people? Somehow, Susannah loses, probably because she hates men. It looks like Susannah chose scissors while everyone else chose rock. What would have happened if someone chose paper? They would cover the rocks, while the rocks smashed the scissors and the scissors cut the paper in an endless cycle. This is why you can only play that game with two people. Anyway. Susannah has lost, so she has to be "the gatekeeper" at their upcoming annual party, just like Lloyd Dobler in Say Anything at Eric Stoltz's party. Anyway, Susannah is pissed because she says she had "major plans" for the party that she "can't talk about in front of [Derrick]." Ava scoffs, because everyone knows Susannah hates men. Jay explains the gatekeeper concept to Derrick, who clearly hasn't been allowed to watch Say Anything... yet. Jay and Johnny complain that Ava put wine coolers on the shopping list. Seriously. Is it a party for Nikki and her friends? No? Then just drink wine. Ava explains that she "dialed the party down from NC-17 to PG-13." As if this show could do PG-13. Jay wants to revive the "erotic vegetable-eating contest" because he's an idiot. Nikki shows up, and Susannah asks if Goofy is coming to the party. Nikki would like to invite him, and Ava adds that Nikki can invite her other friends too. What other friends? Those girls we saw playing volleyball on the beach in the second episode who then disappeared?

Bradin and Erica enjoy a smoothie after their surfing lesson. Erica says that Bradin won't need a surfing instructor much longer, because he's improving. Bradin says that Erica is "busy with other things," and pointedly stares at Jay, who is conveniently standing nearby. Erica says she's "been down that outback road before" and chuckles, and I like to imagine that the actress couldn't get that line out without laughing because it's so horrible. Erica is impressed that Jay came to her rescue when she went out with Leather Jacket. Bradin reminds her that he did the same, but Erica basically blows him off because he's "one of the good guys." Bradin admits that Jay does seem different lately. Erica assures Bradin that she's being cautious. Like using condoms? God, I hope so. I can't deal with the inevitable "Erica might have a bun in the oven" storyline otherwise.

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