The Grass Is Greener Than You Think

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The Grass Is Greener Than You Think

Ava finds Traci sitting alone on the beach, and insists that Traci didn't see what she thought she saw. Traci isn't convinced. Bryant shows up and says that this isn't Ava's fault, which is totally true. Traci accuses Bryant of wanting Ava for a long time, which Ava is stunned to hear. Johnny strolls up and asks if everything is all right. Ava thinks that something is going on with Traci and Bryant's marriage, and Traci gets defensive, and asks if it was Ava's fault when Johnny and Traci.... Johnny interrupts and tells Traci to cheese it. Ava asks what they're talking about. Traci says that she and Johnny hooked up years ago, and didn't just stop at a kiss. Ava and Bryant look sick, and Traci looks triumphant as she stalks off. Ava runs off, and Johnny claws at his face with his hands. Khaaaaaaan!

Nikki runs into her room (she has her own adjacent bathroom) and starts searching for something sexier to wear. She ends up in a tight sleeveless t-shirt with white mesh sleeves, and a black miniskirt. But that isn't enough, so she tears the front of her shirt like Hulkamania is running wild, revealing her cleavage. And then she puts on a bikini top underneath so it's not quite indecent. She also ditches the flower in her hair and puts on some makeup. When she returns, she catches Goofy's eye, and he's shocked. She grabs him and pulls him onto the dance floor.

Erica walks up to Bradin and asks if he's seen Jay or Susannah. He hasn't, and neither has Erica. She looks worried and takes off.

Nikki dances with Goofy and gives Amber and her minions the stinkeye. Goofy offers to get them drinks. Amber rips on Nikki's outfit, calling it "very last year." If last year was 1982, I think Amber's on to something. Amber asks if Nikki is "ready to back up that outfit," because "they know by the way by [sic] a girl dresses, the signal she sends out to a boy." What? Was that even a sentence? Amber implies that she did it with Goofy last summer, so he'll expect the same from Nikki. Amber's bangs are ten kind of wrong. They look like someone used the kitchen scissors to cut them, right after cutting a pizza or something.

Ava and Johnny fight over his past indiscretion. Johnny apologizes, and can't come up with an excuse. He points out that she was lucky that she didn't marry him because he was unreliable, but she already knew that. Ava says she didn't know he cheated on her. Ava realizes when it happened, during a vacation in Cabo, and that Johnny broke up with her a week later. She thinks he broke up with her because of Traci. Johnny asks if they can leave the past behind, but Ava runs out of the room.

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