The Grass Is Greener Than You Think

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The Grass Is Greener Than You Think

Jay walks up and asks Bradin if he's seen Susannah. Bradin gives him attitude for ignoring Erica. Jay wonders why Bradin thinks he's going to let Erica down, and Bradin says it's due to "past history." As opposed to "future history" or "present history"? Instead of getting mad, or telling Bradin to mind his knitting, Jay says that it's a "point well taken," and goes to find Susannah.

Susannah is making out with Dalton in her bed. Jay bursts into the room and plays the role of angry boyfriend. Haven't these people heard of locks? Susannah tries to get Jay to get out and leave her alone. Jay threatens to fight Dalton, which gets Susannah to leave the room for a minute. Outside, Jay thinks that Susannah will thank him later, but she's not at all happy with him. Jay reminds Susannah what she said earlier, and then leaves Susannah to make her decision.

Goofy tells Nikki that she looks great. Nikki glances at Amber and her minions and invites Goofy up to her room. He accepts squeakily. Nikki makes sure that Amber and her minions are watching, and then leads Goofy off.

Traci rummages through the basket of keys, looking for her own. Doesn't it kind of defeat the purpose of collecting keys if the gatekeeper doesn' know, guard them? Ava walks up and asks how this all happened, because they were all friends. Traci thinks it was obvious that there was something between Bryant and Ava, but Ava denies it, and asks if Traci slept with Johnny for payback. Traci wishes she could say yes, but "the truth is, we were just stupid and young and hurt." Ava says that she never even thought about sleeping with Bryant. Traci doesn't seem to believe it, but Ava says that if Traci had asked, she would have been honest about it. Traci looks guilty and leaves.

Nikki and Goofy reach Nikki's room. Goofy wonders why Amber bothers Nikki so much, and Nikki denies that Amber bothers her. Goofy gets romantic and Nikki sighs and kisses him. They banter, and then kiss again. Nikki grabs Goofy's hand, presumably trying to prevent him from putting said hand somewhere that might make her uncomfortable. Nikki suddenly breaks away and says that she wanted to show Goofy a copy of Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret. Nikki thinks they should head back before anyone notices they are gone, and she darts out of the room. I think she should have given him a copy of Then Again, Maybe I Won't. Isn't that the one about boners?

Bradin presses some buttons on a mixing board, impressing Jay with his DJ-ing skills. Bradin asks if Jay founds Susannah, and Jay says that he did, and chuckles. A woman in a bikini walks out and smiles at Jay. She looks eerily like a younger Lori Loughlin. Jay hides behind Bradin and explains that the woman is "one-third of the Wilson triplets." Is this Happy Days and Jay is Fonzie?

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