The Grass Is Greener Than You Think

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The Grass Is Greener Than You Think

Nikki runs outside and spots Amber and her minions smirking at her. Goofy walks outside as well.

Bryant finds Ava sitting on the beach. He walks up and says he didn't know about Traci and Johnny, and he apologizes for everything that's happened. Ava asks if it's true that Bryant has always carried a torch for her. Bryant says that it's a little true, and that seeing Ava's life now has made him realize that they've all changed and grown except for Traci. Ava tells Bryant not to do this to her, to Traci, or to himself. She advises him to try to make things right in his marriage. Bryant says that things haven't been right for a long time. Ava coldly says that he should go home and work it out, because "there's nothing here for [him]." Brr. Bryant leaves. Johnny sees Ava sitting alone on the beach, looking out at the ocean. She turns and looks at him, and they stare at each other for, like, twenty minutes.

Later, Ava meets up with Johnny on the balcony. She says that she never slept with Bryant, even though Traci doesn't believe her. Johnny says that he knew better. Ava asks why he slept with Traci. Johnny says the truth is that Ava scares him -- or, rather, his feelings for her scared him. Oh, so blame her because you're an asshole? Nice. He felt like they were making all these plans for the future. Ava insists that she wasn't pushing for anything. Johnny says he knows, but that Ava meant too much to him. What the hell? He loves her too much? What kind of bullshit is that?

Nikki finds Goofy dancing with Amber. She stomps up and shoves Amber away, and they start pushing each other around. The adults (minus Susannah) run up to the dance floor, but it's Bradin who gets there first and pulls Nikki away. Nikki is just like Traci. Why blame Amber because Goofy can't keep it in his pants? And why blame Ava because Bryant can't keep it in his pants? Sisters need to stick together. Johnny and Ava ask Nikki what's up with her clothes and makeup. Johnny orders everyone to have fun. Yes, sir! Fun will be had, sir! Derrick whatever, and Bradin starts the music up again. Ava asks what's going on. Nikki tells Goofy that if he wants to be with Amber, he should be, and stomps off. Goofy tries to follow, but Jay gets in the way and pulls Goofy aside. Johnny orders everyone to dance. Susannah shows up and squares off against Amber.

Nikki runs upstairs like she has a poop in her pants and dives face down onto her bed. Ava follows and offers to talk about it. Ava says that she doesn't want to see the makeup or the outfit for another few years, and Nikki agrees. Nikki insists that Amber deserved the fight, and Ava disagrees. Nikki explains that Amber thought she could just take Goofy and Nikki wouldn't fight for him. Ava advises Nikki to be herself, which is the worst thing to hear when you are thirteen, because usually you hate yourself and just want to be someone else. Nikki says that Goofy really looked at her in that outfit, and that she liked that feeling. Ava points out that Goofy didn't ask her to change, and then asks if anything happened between them beyond the outfit and makeup. Nikki assures her that nothing happened. Ava says that Nikki has a lot of time to be a grown-up, so she should just be herself, because that's what Goofy likes. God, this is sappy. And shouldn't Nikki be herself because it's the emotionally mature thing to do, and not because it's what some guy wants?

Susannah finds Dalton and asks why he came back into her life now. Dalton says that he's been asked to head up a record label, which would mean relocating to Los Angeles permanently, which is what he thought she wanted. Susannah says that her wants have changed, and Dalton can't believe that she doesn't want the exciting jetset lifestyle that dating a music industry VIP would bring. Susannah protests that she has to think about the kids, and Dalton counters that they could make it work. Susannah hesitates, and Dalton asks if there is a problem. Susannah spits out, "The problem is...I've moved on." Because she hates men.

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