The Grass Is Greener Than You Think

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The Grass Is Greener Than You Think

And then, and I know you are going to think I'm making this up, but I swear to God that I'm not, Bradin says, "All right, everybody. Let's conga!" And any self-respecting people at that party would look at their friends, roll their eyes, and say, "We are so out of here." Actually, they would have said that a long time ago, but the house is pretty cool, and there's free alcohol, so maybe people would have stuck it out, And then the preteen cat fight was fairly entertaining. But a conga line? You must be kidding. This is like a nine-year-old's idea of an adult party. Maybe Derrick wrote this episode. And then Derrick and Susannah start a conga line, but Fonzie...I mean, Jay is too busy slow-dancing to join in. If he makes something turn on or off by hitting the wall, the transformation will be complete. I guess that makes Erica his Pinky Tuscadero, which is so wrong, because she is no Pinky Tuscadero. She's not even Leather Tuscadero. Hell, she's not even Lori Beth. So anyway, Jay and Erica have a conversation about their relationship where he promises to try to make things work, and Erica tells him to do more than try, because she won't settle for less. Bradin realizes how fucking lame the conga line is, and puts a slow song on for Jay and Erica, like, way to ruin everyone else's South of the Border fun so that Fonzie can get it on.

Suddenly the party is over, and Nikki is cleaning up and yelling at Goofy for not resisting Amber's advances enough. Goofy agrees. Nikki says that she can't act and dress like Amber. Goofy points out that if he wanted to hang out with Amber, he would, but that he likes hanging out with Nikki because they don't have to try so hard. Is that a compliment? He adds that Nikki does look hot, and then says that he's kidding. Again, is that a compliment? Goofy tells Nikki that girls are really scared of her now, and then asks her to dance.

Johnny watches the couples on the dance floor. Ava walks up. Johnny tells her that he's not the same person he used to be, and he wishes he could take back his mistakes. Ava says that she knows, and asks if they can share a dance as friends. They start dancing. There's a montage of Johnny and Ava dancing, then Erica and Jay, then Goofy and Nikki, and then Derrick and Susannah. Because she hates men.

Next week: Fonzie, you must be crazy to try to water ski over that shark!

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