A Little Slice of Kevin

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Ol' Blue Eyes is Back

Kevin discovers what he says looks like a personal note at the end of the tablet. "A personal note from God?" Crowley asks. "From the archangel Metatron," Kevin says. "It's like a farewell note." He reads: "Upon completion of this task, I take my leave of my Master and this world."

Sam lures a bunch of minions over to him, then blasts them with the demon bomb. If the Winchesters had any sense, they'd hurry up and make a hundred of those things ASAP. Then again, these are the people who ditched Thor's hammer without a second thought. In another part of the factory, Castiel senses that they're getting close to Kevin. A moment later, Sam comes upon the Cylon table. The room seems empty. Sam sees all the blood and despairs. Would-be prophets pop up from their hiding places. Sam, relieved, says he's there to help. Meanwhile, as Castiel and Dean make their way towards Kevin, there's this cool bit where Dean senses a demon sneaking up behind them. The demon doesn't make a sound, mind you, but Dean knows he's there anyway because Post-Purgatory Dean is just that much of a goddamned badass. Dean whips out his knife and advances on the demon. Somehow, this nobody demon telekinetically hurls Dean into the wall. He even manages to hold Castiel off for a bit, but the nerdy angel battles back and dispatches the demon. The effort taxes the already-weakened Castiel and he stumbles into a wall. Dean rushes over to him and grips his shoulder to keep him from falling down. "You're not all the way back, are you?" Castiel just sort of pants in reply.

Kevin finishes up Metatron's note: "So ends the sacred transcription for the defense of Mankind. Into the hands of God's children thus passes the compendium of tablets." Crowley perks up again. "Compendium?" He realizes this means there are even more tablets out there.

Dean and Castiel have found where Crowley is holding Kevin, but Dean can't get the door open. "Dean, I'm going in," Castiel says. Dean stares at him. "Cass, no, you're not strong enough." Nonetheless, Castiel flutters his way into the central torture chamber. He sways on his feet and just barely manages to keep upright. He and Crowley exchange greetings, such as they are, before Castiel announces he's going to take Kevin. Crowley, of course, has other ideas. With a flick of his wrist, Castiel produces an angel sword from his sleeve. Crowley snaps his fingers and whips out a sword of his own. "So this is how it's gonna be?" Castiel asks. "It's all very West Side Story," Crowley says. That this scene doesn't break out into a sudden rendition of "I Feel Pretty" is sorely disappointing. Crowley points out that Castiel is weak. "You're not up for this," he says. To prove otherwise, Castiel makes his already very blue eyes even more blue. They sparkle with angelic light. "Maybe you can get it up, but you can't keep it up," Crowley says. Castiel makes a very determined face and spreads his shadowy black wings. They nearly take up the entire room. Crowley begins to look just a little bit afraid. "You're bluffing!" he shouts. "You wanna take that chance?" Castiel and his crazy blue eyes ask. He raises a glowing hand towards Crowley. Crowley grabs the tablet. Castiel brings his fist down on it, smashing it into two pieces. Crowley vanishes with one of the pieces. Dean bursts through the door, finds Castiel on the floor and rushes over to him. Kevin picks up the remaining tablet chunk. Everyone looks worried.

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