A Little Slice of Kevin

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Ol' Blue Eyes is Back

Denouement. The Winchesters return Kevin to his mother and inform them that Garth will be taking care of them. Unfortunately, this means we'll be seeing Garth again at some point. While Sam fills in the Trans, Dean and Castiel have a little chat. Dean is pissed that Castiel almost got himself killed. "Why didn't you wait for me?" he asks, angrily throwing weapons into the back of the car. "I didn't get killed and it worked," Castiel says. "Everything isn't your responsibility." Ha! Right. "Getting me out of Purgatory wasn't your responsibility," he adds, because he knows what Dean's anger is really all about. Dean blames himself for not saving him. Castiel gives him another one of those curious alien looks. "Dean, do you really not remember?" he asks. Dean reminds him he was there; he knows what happened. "You remembered it the way you needed to," Castiel realizes. "I don't need to feel like hell," Dean says, "for failing you, for failing you like every godforsaken thing that I care about." Castiel touches his hand to Dean's brow, showing him what really happened. It's the same escape scene we saw before, but this time, Castiel doesn't slip away. He clasps Dean's arm, but it's a farewell gesture. He lets go and backs away from the portal. Dean looks utterly surprised as the portal closes around him.

"See, it wasn't that I was weak," Castiel says in the present. "I was stronger than you. I pulled away. Nothing you could have done would have save me, because I didn't want to be saved." It's a nice bit of role reversal from the first time they met, when Dean felt like he didn't deserve to be saved from Hell. Of all the people on Earth, Dean should be able to understand Castiel's feelings, but he still needs it all spelled out for him. Castiel explains he needed to do penance. (For the whole "I'm your new God" thing.) "I planned to stay all along, I just didn't know how to tell you," he says. "You can't save everyone, my friend, though you try." Dean looks like he's going to cry. Sam interrupts this tender moment to tell them about Garth and the Trans. Castiel starts to say something about setting things straight with Dean --

-- when he finds himself suddenly standing in a white, brightly lit room. Amanda Tapping sits behind a desk. "Hello, Castiel," she greets him. "Where am I?" he asks. It looks like an Apple store. "You're home," she tells him. He doesn't recognize this particular part of Heaven. "My name is Naomi," she introduces herself. The name, if you're curious, means "pleasantness." She does, indeed, seem outwardly pleasant -- smiling and gentle -- but there's also a coolness about her that's just a little bit scary. She says it took many angels to rescue Castiel from Purgatory. Many of them died. "Consider these 'chats' your repayment," she says. She wants to know all about the Winchesters. Castiel is surprised to hear himself telling her about Sam and Dean and the tablet, as if he weren't speaking of his own free will. Naomi tells him to help the Winchesters. "You will report in to me regularly and you will never remember having done so." Castiel refuses, but Naomi just gives him a pleasant smile and sends him back on his way.

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