A Little Slice of Kevin

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Ol' Blue Eyes is Back

Torture Factory. Kevin has joined the future prophets at the Cylon table. Crowley explains that if Kevin doesn't talk, then one of the others will take his place. As to why he doesn't just go ahead and kill Kevin, there's some lame excuse about how Crowley's just not terribly impressed with any of the would-be prophets. "Still, better a stupid prophet than a stubborn prophet," he says. Kevin still won't talk, so Crowley decides a show of violence is needed. He points to the lady with the braided hair and lifts her off the ground with a gesture. He snaps his fingers and she explodes all over Kevin. Crowley takes out a beautifully monogrammed silk hanky as if to offer it to Kevin, but dabs a dot of blood off his own face. Remember when demons and prophets couldn't even be in the same room together? Now there are six prophets and a buttload of demons all hanging around at this impromptu Battlestar Galactica con and nary a peep from Heaven. Things must be even worse up there than previously believed.

The Winchesters and Castiel wait in the Impala somewhere along some highway where they've arranged to meet up with Mama Tran. She's a bit late showing up, so Dean decides to use the time to have another Purgatory flashback. We pick up just after the banker Leviathans have arrived. Dean, instead of diving headlong into the portal, has stayed behind to help Castiel fight them. One of them kicks Dean down a rocky slope. That pisses Castiel right off, so he grabs the offending Leviathan to lay some holy hands on him. The other Leviathan intervenes, delivering a kick to the back of Castiel's knee that makes him crumple to the ground. There's lots of punching and kicking in slow motion. Just when Castiel starts to gain his feet and fight back, one of the Leviathans turns himself into a toothy Pez dispenser. Before he can make a tasty snack of Castiel, Dean pops up behind him and lops off his head. With Castiel's assistance, Dean similarly dispatches the second Leviathan. Dean leads Castiel back towards the portal, but Castiel starts to slide back down the slope. Dean steps through the portal and reaches back for Castiel. "I got you! Hold on!" It's all very epic and beautiful, really, with the wind whipping their hair and the music swelling. This is obviously where the beard budget went. "Hold on!" Dean shouts again. Castiel calls his name as he loses his grip. The last thing Dean sees before the portal closes up around him is Castiel's terrified expression.

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