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Cave Canem, Hardy Boys!

...night again, and Sam's lurking in the apartment complex's playlot, keeping an eye on Mandy's place through the picture window that opens onto her living room. Suddenly, Dog Lucky pops up inside the house, sniffs around at the air for a little bit, then ducks back down beneath our line of vision so Naked Human Lucky can rise up in his place. Sam squints, then hauls a massive pair of binoculars out of his backpack to get a better look as Naked Human Lucky roots around for some of Cal's clothing. Once he's suitably attired, Guy Lucky tiptoes out the front door and heads directly for Sam's playlot, so Sam ducks behind something solid to hide. Unfortunately, Guy Lucky is apparently gifted with Dog Lucky's heightened sense of smell, and he seems to pick up on Sam's scent, but for whatever reason, he decides to shrug it off for now and continue on his way. Sam emerges from his hiding spot to watch as Guy Lucky wanders over to the playlot's far corner, where he engages in a heated yet entirely inaudible conversation with some bruiser in a leather jacket for a bit, with the bruiser at one point tapping on Guy Lucky's forehead with an insistent finger, as if shouting, "Use your goddamned head next time, you idiot." Eventually, the bruiser stalks off, and a dejected-looking Guy Lucky trudges back towards The Apartment Of ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz as Sam trains his silver-laden automatic on Guy Lucky's head. This time, however, when Guy Lucky gets another whiff of Soulless Sammy, he decides to run, and he flies off across a playing field of some sort, vaulting low-slung chain-link fences until he's vanished into a wooded area on the fringes of the housing development. Sam gives chase, but Guy Lucky morphs down into Dog Lucky form, and there's Doggie Cam, and there's Intense Music On The Soundtrack, and Dog Lucky darts out into the otherwise deserted nighttime street just as a minivan comes tearing around the corner, and brakes squeal, and the Doggie Cam goes dark, and Sam skitters out of the woods just in time to watch helplessly as the freaked-out minivan driver loads the moderately injured and whining Dog Lucky into the back seat to drive the little beastie to an all-night vet. "That's my dog!" Sam LIES, bolting after the minivan as it peels out and tears off into the darkness, but Sam's LIE is for naught, and we head into this excruciatingly dull evening's second CHOMP!-less commercial break wondering if...well, I don't know what you're wondering, but I'm not wondering much of anything because BORING. "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!" Gosh, but Raoul looks so comfortable all sprawled across his overstuffed armchair like that. "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!" I wish I could take a nap. "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!" Oh, shut up, lizard. "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!"

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