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Cave Canem, Hardy Boys!

Warehouse. Mandy pleads piteously for her son's life, but everyone ignores her -- especially Guy Lucky, who's trying to maintain a fa├žade of indifference to her plight lest the others suspect something funny's going on. The leather-jacketed bruiser from the earlier nighttime playground scene confers with the bald and rather cadaverous-looking pack leader for a bit, then steps over to Guy Lucky's side and says, "Look, there's nothing I can do. The boss is pissed." You see, Guy Lucky neglected to gain permission to off Ron, Cal, and the slumlord, and now the entire operation's been thrown into jeopardy for whatever stupid reason. Guy Lucky attempts to apologize, but the pack leader insists upon a test of Guy Lucky's loyalty. Basically, he's got to turn Mandy and Aiden into Skinwalkers right now, right there in front of everybody, or he, Mandy, and the kid will all be executed. Are you feeling the tension and excitement in this scene? "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!" Yeah, neither am I. And just when things are looking most dire indeed for these people we've never seen before and will never see again, Leather Bruiser sniffs at the air and wonders, "What is that?" Why, it's Soulless Sammy, of course, whipping around a corner with his trusty silver-laden automatic at the ready to blow a few holes in these losers that no one cares about. He starts by expertly firing a shot into the pack leader's cheek that evidently takes out a good chunk of the guy's skull, if that massive spray of blood's anything to go by, and barely has the pack leader dropped to the ground, dead, when Dean starts squeezing off rounds from his nook above the warehouse floor. Three of the henchwalkers die almost immediately, and as the others scatter, Mandy darts behind a crate, or something, to hide with her child. Guy Lucky ducks down beside her and somehow manages to convince her to come with him to safety, and as those three scamper out of the frame towards a disused managerial office on the main floor, Sam gets off another couple of shots that ricochet off various pieces of abandoned metal. The targets of those missed shots lurk in the shadows for a bit before stripping off their clothes and morphing down to their own doggie forms, and while Sam tippy-toes through the main floor oblivious to the Doberman that's now stalking him, Dean takes out a different dog up on the second level. If you care, Skinwalkers apparently revert to their human forms after they're dead. "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!" Yeah, I don't really care about that, either.

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