…And Then There Were None

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Ten Little Hardy Boys

Unfortunately, once The Homicidal Demonic Dump eventually gets around to sharing that story with us, it proves to be as boring as everything else in this godforsaken excuse of an episode. Long story short, Eve pinched out The Homicidal Demonic Dump mere days ago, so the boys don't even have a name for It yet. Aside from that bit of information, The Homicidal Demonic Dump has little else to offer us aside from a few generalized threats against humanity that, again, we've heard at least one hundred and fifty-four thousand times before on this show. You know, the whole "you'll live in pens, and we'll serve up your young and call it veal" spiel every single damn beastie has whipped out whenever it found itself in a jam. In other words: "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!" Even Sam and Dean get tired of it all after a while, so Sam shuts The Homicidal Demonic Dump up by stuffing Bobby's gob with duct tape, after which Dean applies the live wire to Bobby's neck until jets of bitterly black demonic goo start shooting out of Bobby's nose. Bobby eventually goes limp, the now-dead Homicidal Demonic Dump dropping from his right ear to coil on the floor, and Our Intrepid Heroes shout unconscious Bobby's name and slap unconscious Bobby's face with rapidly increasing fervor and anxiety until they vanish into this evening's final and most woefully CHOMP!-less commercial break.

We return to find Sam and Dean standing mournfully over a fresh grave, and lest anyone think they actually had the balls to off Bobby Singer, the gentleman in question presently joins Our Intrepid Heroes to offer a few kind words of valediction for the late and most lamented Rufus Turner. "I gotta say," Dean admits, pivoting to eye the Stars Of David on the nearby headstones, "I never figured Rufus for the religious type." "Well, he didn't exactly keep kosher," Bobby grins, "but he always used to pull the old 'can't work on the Sabbath' card whenever we had to bury a body." Bobby then reveals how he and Rufus first met, relating once again the sad story of his possessed wife, only this time adding that it was Rufus who actually popped up from out of nowhere to vanquish the demon within Mrs. Bobby, and it was Rufus who fixed it so Bobby wouldn't have to go to jail, and it was Rufus who trained Bobby to hunt. So, you know. That's nice. Pity we didn't get any of this backstory until after the guy was dead, though. "ZZZZZZZ -- [sob!] -- ZZZZZZ!"

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