…And Then There Were None

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Ten Little Hardy Boys

Meanwhile, Bobby and Rufus confirm that not one of their many associates and acquaintances knows anything about homicidal demonic earworms, so Bobby sets to concocting a Plan B, which basically amounts to this: "Let's just go grab the thing!" "And then what?" Rufus eyerolls. "Well," Bobby splutters, "we sit on our thumbs, or we go in, guns blazing!" "Like Omaha?" Rufus darkly inquires. This touches a nerve, and Bobby more or less tells Rufus to go fuck himself, but we don't have time to deal with that right now, because we've got to jump over to...

...another employee locker room, where Sam and Dean have just arrived to confront Zombie Grandpa over the unpleasantness that transpired back at Crowley's asylum, and the tedious bitchery that follows is completely unimportant because what is important is the fact that Zombie Grandpa has of course been infected with the homicidal demonic earworm, which Eagle-Eyed El Deano realizes when he spots a trickle of bitterly black demonic goo oozing from the ancient pain in the ass's ear. Zombie Grandpa makes to aerate Our Intrepid Heroes with a couple of bullets from the gun he's had hidden in his jacket this entire time, but Dean manages to deflect the shots by slamming Zombie Grandpa's hand against a locker. Unfortunately, this effort seems to throw him off-balance, and Dean tumbles back into Sam's arms as infected Zombie Grandpa scampers off into the hall. D'OH!

The boys give chase, naturally, and they're soon joined by Rufus and Bobby, who came running out of the depressingly familiar break room at the first sound of gunfire. Rufus insists upon retrieving his shotgun, however, so Sam and Dean jog off by themselves while Bobby and Rufus return to the depressingly familiar break room to jimmy open that padlock, with Rufus carping away at Bobby the entire time for locking up their guns in the first place. Sam and Dean eventually rejoin them, their hunt for Zombie Grandpa having proved useless, and the four strategize for a few quick moments before dashing back out onto the factory floor. And it seems Zombie Grandpa's been quite the busy little geriatric over the last couple of seconds, because they almost immediately stumble across a tripwire the old coot'd rigged up to, like, drop a garbage can onto their heads, or something? It's not clear. "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!" That, too. In any event, the four successfully sidestep the trap, only to have Sam get cut off from the others when a large door unexpectedly trundles shut behind him the instant he crosses a particularly inconvenient threshold. Sam shouts that he'll somehow manage to work his way back around to meet them, and it occurs to me that I should probably be worried about his welfare at this moment. Then it occurs to me that there's no way in hell they're going to kill off one of their leads in the middle of this crappy episode, and I instead start thinking again about joining Raoul in his Coma Of Boredom. "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!"

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