As Time Goes By

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Broken Family Tree

... and into Sam and Dean's motel room. The brothers gape at this man in a bright blue suit who has just fallen out of their closet. "Which of you is John Winchester?" he asks. Sam and Dean trade befuddled looks. Supernatural!

"Please, time is of the essence," he says once the fiery title card has faded from view. "Which of you is John Winchester?" he asks again. "Uh, neither," says Sam. Henry can't quite believe what he's hearing and wonders what he did wrong. He realizes his nose is bleeding a bit and wipes it away. "Who the hell are you, mister?" Dean asks. When Henry doesn't answer, Dean shoves him up against the nearest wall and pins him there. This display of violence has Henry all in a tizzy. "Is it absolutely essential, sir, that you keep your hands on me?" Dean backs down just a bit. Henry apologizes for what he thinks must be a terrible mistake and tries to take his leave. Dean slaps a pair of handcuffs on him, but Henry not only wriggles free, he also simultaneously trades places with Sam and Dean. "How'd he do that?" Dean asks, staring at their bound wrists.

Outside, Henry faces what must look like a horribly dystopian future. Sleek cars, noisy music, pollution, men with babies strapped to their chests - will the horrors never end? He lays his eyes on the Impala and its license plate stickers. "2013! My God!" He thinks about it for a second. "Guess the Mayans were wrong." After a quick look around to make sure no one's looking, he smashes the Impala's window with his elbow. That bastard. Dean, having finally freed himself of the cuffs, is none too happy, too. He points a gun at the would-be car thief. "Nice taste in wheels," he says. Hilariously, Sam runs over and opens the door on the other side, which was blatantly unlocked all along. Henry was too busy coming up with that Mayan joke to notice.

The Winchesters bring him back into their motel room and splash him with holy water. "He's clean," Sam notes. "I could have told you that," Henry says, as if a demon wouldn't, you know, lie about possession. Dean threatens more violence if he doesn't start talking. Henry laughs. "I'm sure this is all beyond your understanding, my alpha male monkey friend." Naturally, this doesn't calm Dean in the least. He whips out the gun again, along with his growliest voice. "Let me tell you what I understand! Some asshat pops out of my closet, asking about my dad, smashes up my ride!" At least one part of that reaches Henry. Before further discussion can take place, the walls begin to shake. The closet door flies open and Josie steps out. "Henry! Silly man, you forgot to lock the door!" She demands he hand over what she wants, but he refuses. She points out he isn't a fighter and flings Sam and Dean into the walls. Couldn't she just kill everyone and rifle through their corpses for the goods? Why bother with making Henry hand it over? Henry tries to reach the real Josie somewhere behind the demon, but it doesn't work. Dean sneaks up behind her and stabs her with the demon knife. She screams and crumples to the floor, sparks coursing just beneath her skin. "That is no way to treat a lady," she says, quickly recovering from her wound. All the non-demons skedaddle out of there.

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