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Broken Family Tree

As they drive off, the motel manager comes running out of the office. Josie grabs him and breathes a little of her demon smoke into him. "Show me what you've seen," she says. From the manager's POV, we see the Winchesters checking into the motel and then later driving off. He pays special attention to the the license plates. How is the license plate supposed to help her? Josie sucks back her demon smoke and then slashes the poor guy's throat with her fingers.

Dean pulls over on the nearest deserted road so that Henry can stumble into the grass and throw up. "It's just that all the adventures I enjoy are usually of the literary nature," he explains once he's done emptying the contents of his stomach. "You wanna tell me who Betty Crocker was back there?" Dean asks. "Abaddon - she's a demon," Henry says. He explains that he's from 1958. Dean scoffs at first, but Henry looks serious. He insists he be taken to John. That's when Dean blurts out that he's dead. Henry looks devastated. "What's it to you?" Sam asks. "I'm his father," Henry says. Sam and Dean make sad puppy faces at each other. So much Winchester angst! We have to cut to a commercial to escape it.

Later, we reconvene in a diner. While Henry waits a table and gazes wistfully at a photo of himself and wee John, Sam and Dean talk things over at the counter. After doing a little fact checking, they decide that Henry really is their grandfather. Dean's not too happy, though, because Henry ran out on their dad as a kid. Sam wonders if maybe he didn't really run out, but got stuck in the future. Dean's still not sympathetic. It starts to turn into an argument about whether or not John was a good father himself, but luckily their order is up so they drop the subject. They bring the food over to the table and ask how Henry's doing. He's pretty good, all things considered. He's happy to have met his grandsons, at least. He offers his hand, which Sam shakes but Dean pointedly ignores because he's being a dick for some reason. On a side note, Dean and Henry have burgers while Sam has another one of his trademark salads. Every time they show Sam eating a salad, I'm like, how is this Sasquatch surviving on a handful of lettuce? Also, what in the hell is with the diamond-shaped buttons on his shirt? But I'm getting distracted.

The Winchesters get down to the business at hand: Abaddon. "How come she didn't die when I stabbed her?" Dean asks. "Because demons can't be killed by run-of-the-mill cutlery," Henry duhs. "At the very least, you'd need an ancient demon-killing knife of the Kurds." Dean pulls his knife out a little to show Gramps. "That's what this is," he duhs right back. Henry seems a mite stunned. Sam wonders if they can't just shove Abaddon back through the portal Henry created. Let 1958 deal with her! Alas, Henry thinks the portal will have closed by now. When Dean asks him how he created it in the first place, Henry seems a bit surprised, like it's something they should already know. "It's a blood sigil. Blood leads to blood... or their next of kin." Why wouldn't it have led him to John at some point between 1958 and 2006? Magic is so dumb sometimes. To recreate the sigil, John says he would need his blood, an angel feather, tears of a dragon and a pinch of the Sands of Time. Wrap that mess in bacon and deep-fry it in peanut oil, and you've got the next big Stare Fair snack! He says he'd also need a week for his soul to recharge. The boys are confused. "You should know all this," Henry says. "What level are you two?" Blank faces. "You're Men of Letters, correct?" Henry asks. More blank looks. He says they should be Men of Letters like their father, who taught them their ways. Sam says their father taught them to be a hunter. Henry laughs until he realizes Sam is serious. "Hunters are apes," he says, right to two, great big strapping ones. "You're legacies," Henry says. Ah, there's that word again.

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