As Time Goes By

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Broken Family Tree

Meanwhile, Josie/Abaddon has reached the comic book store. "Love what you've done with the place," she snarks to the spiky girl. She blows a little smoke into the girl's mouth and sees what she's seen. Luckily for Abaddon, the Winchesters just love exposition.

Back at the grave, Sam and Dean have just unearthed Larry Ganem's coffin, with no help at all from Gramps. Henry doesn't recognize the corpse, nor does he recognize a medal bearing the name of one Thomas Carrey. Sam supposes that the real Larry survived and is using Carrey's identity.

They head to a motel to work on the case. Sam has his nose buried in John's journal while Dean mans the laptop. Henry just chills out on the couch, whistling "As Time Goes By." Dean and Sam recognize it as something their father used to whistle. Henry says he got a music box that played that song for John after Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy scared him. Now we come to the portion of the show where everyone sits around doing research and reading the research to each other. Dean says he's found Thomas Carrey in Lebanon, Kansas. Sam pipes up with his contribution: "According to Dad's journal, he once tortured a demon that said he made his bones working for Abaddon, who, it turns out, is a Knight of Hell." This all seems like news to Dean, who's surely read that journal a thousand times. "Knights of Hell are handpicked by Lucifer himself," Henry explains. "They are of the first fallen, first-born demons." Archangels were supposed to have killed all of them, but they were probably too busy with their various squabbles to do the job properly. Henry takes a look at the journal and recognizes it as his own. He ordered it before his initiation and realizes it arrived after he disappeared into the future. "I'm beginning to gather I don't make it back from this time, do I?" he asks. "We don't know for sure," Sam says. "All we know is Dad never saw you again." Dean bitterly explains that John thought his father ran out on him.

Henry sits down, crushed by the weight of this revelation. So many daddy issues spawned by a single act! Two generations' worth, so far. Henry says he was supposed to teach John everything he knew. He was a LEGACY! "He learned things a little differently," Dean says. "How?" Henry asks. "The hard way," Dean says. He goes on about John's lonely childhood, and fighting in the war, losing his wife to a demon and later being killed by one. Henry says he wishes he could have been there for him, but Dean is so bitter by this point that he's practically digesting himself. He goes off to have a pout somewhere while Henry shouts after him about not having a choice. Because he was a LEGACY! It's basically like destiny, except it doesn't sound as much like a stripper's name.

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