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The Hardy Boys Are Not the Boss of Each Other

Dean makes his way through the secret examining room, flinging curtains aside and not noticing Zombie Doc Brown floating around the room. His flashlight lands on an old white wooden cabinet that does not appear suspicious in the least. I guess Dean got the memo that the hour's almost over and we gotta wrap this shit up. So he goes over the flimsy cabinet and unlatches the door to find the remains of Dr. Ellicott. Which apparently smell real bad. After forty-one years. I don't know. Dean takes his sweet time sprinkling the remains with some sort of propellant crystals, and then squirting him with lighter fluid. Now is not the time to dilly-dally, my friend! A metal gurney comes flying at him, knocking him off his feet, and before he knows it, Zombie Doc Brown is on top of him doing that terrible Glory mindfuck thing. While he's getting zapped, Dean manages to reach his trusty Zippo lighter and toss it back onto the now-flammable bones of Zombie Doc Brown. They go up in flames, and the ghost version of Zombie Doc Brown does that thing that EVERY ghost has ever done when it realizes its haunting days are over: holds up its hands so that it may stare at them in disbelief before disintegrating before its very eyes. Yawn.

Annoyingly enough, even though Dean went traipsing around this secret and large experiment room, Sam has appeared out of nowhere, suddenly lying right next to where this Zombie Death Fight just went down so that the brothers can conveniently rouse their injured bodies and bandy about some witty ripostes. "You're not gonna try and kill me, are you?" "No." "Good. 'Cause that would be awkward."The brothers bid a fond dawn farewell to this week's useless extras, advising them, "No more haunted asylums, okay?" Seriously. They turn toward the Metallicar and Sam delivers the least sufficient apology ever devised: "Hey Dean, I'm sorry, man. I said some awful things back there." Apparently, Daddy Winchester did not teach him the little-known companion to the old adage of "sticks and stones." The one that goes, "Call me whatever you want, just please don't shoot me?" Dean expresses surprise that Sam remembers what happened in the asylum. Sam says he just couldn't control it, but that he didn't mean any of it. Dean doesn't believe that. Sam assures him that he really didn't mean it -- whoops! my finger accidentally pulled the trigger! -- but Dean still looks unconvinced. When Sam snottily asks, "Do we need to talk about this?" Dean says, "No, I'm not really in the sharing, caring mood," and tosses his bag in the Metallicar.

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