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The Hardy Boys Are Not the Boss of Each Other

Again, slowly with the walking. Dean ribs Sam, "Let me know if you see any dead people, Haley Joel." Aw, poor Haley Joel. He really got weird-looking. Also, this line commences the episode's annoyingly self-conscious pop culture horror referencing. Count this as reference number one. Dean tells Sam he needs to be careful because "ghosts are attracted to that whole ESP thing you've got going on." Among other things, I'd say. Sam psychic wonks, "I told you it's not ESP, I just have strange vibes sometimes, weird dreams." Then Dean brings it home: "Yeah, whatever, don't ask, don't tell." Note to Supernatural writers: We Get It. They're Gay. But, in case we DIDN'T get it, Dean continues to clutch his little Ghost Detector of Impotence, which is apparently not registering any ghost activity. Its gaydar is off the charts, though. They conclude that the ghosts will probably come out at night, and then Dean jokes, "Hey, Sam, who do you think is a hotter psychic? Patricia Arquette, Jennifer Love Hewitt, or you?" Hee. However, count this as numbers two and three.A room full of gross things suspended in jars of liquid. Also, a headless baby doll. If anyone wants to experience a truly terrifying baby doll, please make your way to AB Chao's daughter's room where, on a high shelf deep inside a closet, lives evil incarnate. Dean puts his tool away and the brothers proceed to be creeped out by the old-timey psychiatric brutality. Dean remarks on how "they did some twisted stuff to these people. Kinda like my man Jack in Cuckoo's Nest" (number four). Sam totally ignores Dean's Jack Nicholson impersonation, and that is a little bit sad. It also is a little bit sad thinking about Jensen Ackles practicing his Jack Nicholson in front of a mirror. They discuss whether ghosts are really the culprits here, and Sam says, "Maybe. Or maybe its more like Amityville or the Smurl haunting." Numbers five and six. Dean agrees, "Ah, spirits driving them insane. Kinda like my man Jack in The Shining." Number seven. This is worse than being stuck in a corner during a cocktail party with a Tarantino-worshipping dweeb that wants to make sure that you know that he knows that you know about "yakuza." Sam sees through Dean's shtick, and asks him, "When are we gonna talk about it? About the fact that Dad's not here?" Dean is hardheaded: "Oh, ah, never," and tells Sam that it's good enough for him that Dad obviously wants them there. Sam argues, "It doesn't matter what he wants," and Dean snarks back, "See? That attitude right there? That is why I always got the extra cookie." They go over the old follow or not follow Dad's orders conflict, with Dean being all, "Ja, Wohl!" to Sam's touchy-feely Spidey sense. They take a break from their verbal sparring, and Dean picks up a placard that reads "Chief of Staff Sanford Ellicott" and decides that they need to find out more about what happened in the South Wing.

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