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The Hardy Boys Are Not the Boss of Each Other

A waiting room. Sam's reading Men's Health. Ha! And ha! again. The doctor comes out to invite him into the office. We pan in and find out that the doctor's name is James Ellicott. Sam plays dumb as the doctor shuffles his papers around: "Dr. Ellicott. Wasn't there a Dr. Sanford Ellicott?" This is the worst bluff ever undertaken. The doctor says that it was his father and asks Sam how he knows the name. Sam confesses to being a "local history buff. Hey, wasn't there an incident or something? In the South Wing?" My seven-year-old niece has bluffed more skillfully about not having stolen her little sister's M&Ms. With her mouth full of chocolate. The doctor reminds Sam that they are on his dollar and asks him the first question most clinical psychiatrists ask their patients: "Whatcha been doin'?" Sam blathers on about the road trip with his brother before returning to his bumbling investigative technique. The doctor cuts him off: "If you're a local history buff, then you know all about the Roosevelt riot." It would be rather disconcerting if a patient came marching in smiling and asking good-natured questions about your evil father's violent murder at the hands of the crazies he spent his life lobotomizing. The doctor tells Sam to "cut the bull" and stop avoiding the subject. Which is, of course, Sam. The doctor asks him to tell him one honest thing, and then suggests that maybe that one thing be about this brother he's mentioned. Sam is at a total loss.Cut to Dean waiting outside for Sam in the Vancouver rain. Dean is suspicious about what Sam was doing for so long. Sam demurs, "Just the hospital, you know." He tells him that the South Wing housed the psychotic and criminally insane, and that one night in 1964 they rioted and took over the wing. It was "pretty gory, some bodies were never recovered. Including our Chief of Staff Ellicott." Oh, so you had a nice conversation with the doctor about the missing, dead, and decomposing corpse of his father? It makes no sense that Sam would get this information from that doctor. How about next time you try Google? The brothers continue to have this hilariously "cool" conversation about the whats, wheres, and whens, culminating with Jensen Ackles uttering, "Good times. Let's check out the hospital tonight," complete with pouty "cool" lips and "cool" eyebrow waggle. I half expected them to see Poochie come skateboarding in wearing his "cool" sunglasses.

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