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Found Footage

Kate grabs the knife from his corpse and starts slashing at Brian. He grabs her wrist. "Kate! Listen to me. I love you," he says. "I love you! You'll understand. After I bite you, you'll understand." She runs from him, but he's much faster than he used to be. She screams as he lifts her off the ground and sinks his fangs into her shoulder.

Cut to Kate crying in the bathroom, looking at her reflection in the shattered mirror. She has a camera with her, of course, and films the wound as it heals. Brian pounds on the door. Kate loses her shit for a little while, knocking over the shower doors, breaking the sink with her bare hands. Suddenly, she calms down and even smiles a little. She picks up the camera. "Brian? I'm coming out. I see it now. I understand." She opens the door to find a very relieved Brian smiling back at her. She hands him the camera so he can film her wolfing out. She's not just showing off, though. She proceeds to tear into him with her new fangs. He falls to the floor. The camera catches his blood arcing through the air and splattering onto the walls. He screams in agony. Kate snarls.

After the carnage, she covers Michael's body with a sheet and cleans herself up. She sits down in front of the computer. "I didn't finish Brian's movie to justify what happened," she says into the camera. "I just wanted you to know that Michael wasn't always a monster. None of us were." Her eyes fill with tears. There's a montage of clips from happier times as her voice-over talks about plans to become a hippie lawyer. "I'm leaving," she says to the hunters who will eventually find the recording. "And you'll never hear from me again." She promises to eat only animal hearts. "I've never hurt anyone... nobody human, anyway." She begs for a chance.

Sam and Dean, having just finished watching this video, are so moved that they need a commercial break to compose themselves. Afterward, they turn back to the crime scene for another look. The body under the sheet, they now realize, is Michael's, and the assorted chunks with shoes once belonged to Brian. Sam takes a deep breath and glances at his watch. "So, what, she's got about a half-day jump on us?" he asks. "Mm-hm," Dean says quietly. "You all right?" Sam asks. "Mm-hm," Dean says again. He looks heartbroken over the whole thing. Sam, probably thinking he's going to have to talk his brother into this, reminds him that Kate hasn't hurt any humans yet. Dean agrees. "Let's give her a shot." Sam's eyebrows go up, and they have a lot of territory to cover. Sam gathers up all the computer stuff to take with while Dean continues to look thoughtful. "Hey, Sam?" He seems poised to make some heartfelt confession. Instead, he asks, "Do I really say 'awesome' a lot?" Sam's like, "Uh... no?" On their way out, Dean pauses at a wall of photos, all of the college kids living their happy, mundane lives. "Awesome," he says. He turns the music back on so that it can play us out over the end credits.

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