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Found Footage

To Nerdy Friend's dismay, the girl gets up from her table. He shoves his camera at Brawny Friend. "Dude! Just take it!" The girl has a camera of her own and films their dumbfounded reactions. "Were you just filming me?" she asks. They deny it, but she isn't really upset. She starts gabbing with Brawny Friend about camera tech stuff that he doesn't really know about because he's not really a camera buff. It soon turns into flirting. Nerdy Friend makes a sad face. "So... you weren't checking me out?" the girl asks. Brawny Friend flashes her a charming smile. "Well, I do have a thing for beautiful women who respect their privacy." He smiles even more widely, then realizes she's just sort of watching him and thinks she's waiting for an apology. "Dick move on my part. I'm sorry," he says. "Don't be. I have a thing for guys with cool cameras," she says. This is followed by a long, cruel shot of Nerdy Friend being utterly invisible.

Later, Nerdy Friend sits at the desk in the house from the opening scene. The first shot of him is all askew, as seen from the camera he's set down beside him. The next is from his web cam as he looks over his shoulder to the closed French doors, through which emanate sounds of male and female laughter. Nerdy Friend looks like he's going to cry. Sudden cut to Blond Girl walking out wearing only Brawny Friend's shirt. She pads past Nerdy Friend on her way to the bathroom. Having roommates is hell.

Some unspecified amount of time later, Nerdy Friend and Blond Girl sit at the coffee shop, filming themselves as they talk about artsy movies. We join them in mid-convo as Blond Girl says she prefers Last Year at Marienbad over whatever was the other choice. Nerdy Friend agrees wholeheartedly with her, desperate to show her just how much they have in common. Awkward cut. "You know Michael knows nothing about cameras, right?" asks Nerdy Friend, referring to the character formerly known as Brawny Friend. "Yeah, but I'm teaching him," Blond Girl says. Michael joins them at the table. "Teaching who?" he asks. "Oh, my boyfriend," Blond Girl says. "He's big, tall and handsome." The lovebirds flirt and kiss. Nerdy Friend turns the camera away from this scene of unremitting horror.

Later at the house, Nerdy Friend films himself sitting at the computer for some reason. I know that one of the conceits of these "found footage" stories is that the camera catches odd angles and moments of minutiae that wouldn't be caught in a more purposefully polished effort. But, seriously, who films themselves just sitting around at the computer? Pretentious jerks, that's who. He turns the camera toward the living room, where Blond Girl and Michael are talking about their futures, some five years down the road. Blond Girl wants to be a lawyer, but not one of those corporate types. She wants to do something "green," which prompts Michael to teasingly call her a hippie. Nerdy Friend voices his support for her choices. What does he see himself doing? "Maybe, like, working for HBO, you know? Or, like, Michael Moore." "Double hippie," Michael says from across the room. By this time, Blond Girl has the camera and turns it on her boyfriend, who says, "I will be on a boat in the middle of the ocean, with my beautiful girl by my side." Nerdy Friend scowls in the background.

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