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The next morning, Kate and Brian have a chat in the living room. He asks her if she's afraid of Michael and she admits that she was at first, but now she thinks it's pretty hot. Of course, as soon as she finishes saying this, Michael walks into the house covered in blood. Kate screams. Cut to Michael taking a shower and Kate asking him what happened. He says he thinks he killed Scott. Brian records them until Kate demands he turns off the camera. Later, the three of them go over what happened. "He started talking about you and I saw red," Michael says. "Next thing I remember, I was running home." Kate wants to know if anybody saw him, but Brian is more interested in the transformation, like what it was like to suddenly grow claws. Kate argues that Michael was just trying to defend himself. She grabs the camera from Brian.

Kate and Brian run off to the crime scene where the devastatingly handsome FBI agents have already arrived to question the local detective. "This kid was shredded by an animal," he says of the late, not-so-great Scott. "Where's his heart?" Dean asks. "Patrolman found it up the way there -- eaten, mostly," the detective says. Brian looks horrified.

Back at the house, Brian confronts Michael. "Did you eat a human heart?" He starts physically pushing Michael around, demanding answers. If you think your giant, super-strong friend yanked a heart out of a person with his bare, clawed hands and ate it, is it really a good idea to start getting all up in his face about it? No, it is not. The intelligent thing would be to wish him luck in all his heart-noshing adventures and then get yourself the hell out of there. Or, you know, just skip that first part. Kate defends her boyfriend, saying there has to be a good explanation. "It was self-defense," she says. Brian scoffs. "Eating a heart is self-defense?" When Brian doesn't back down, Michael punches him in the gut and sends him flying into the kitchen table.

Michael lies across Kate's lap and cries. "I don't know what's happening to me." Brian, having successfully stuffed his exploded intestines back down his throat, records the tender scene. He wants to call the police, but Kate tries to talk him out of it. "You just don't get it! You've never been in love," she says. Brian dies about a hundred times. Kate decides what they need to do is get some answers.

Kate and Michael track down the devastatingly handsome FBI agent with the sensible haircut. He's in the parking lot outside the coroner's office. The lady coroner says it might be a wild animal, but the biggest animal in the area is a raccoon. The agent with Rapunzel hair joins his colleague. They talk about how there was a similar case ten years ago. Dean looks over the file. "So, we're talking a --" Sam interrupts: "No, not that time of the month." At this point, Michael must be thinking he's some kind of mutant raccoon with PMS.

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