Blood Brother

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The Old Man and the Sea

But first, another flashback to Purgatory. For all their worry about drawing too much attention, Dean and Benny don't seem shy about having loud arguments. They're debating the value of a life, and Dean scoffs at the idea of Benny knowing anything about that as a vampire. Benny points out that humans have killed a lot more of their own kind than vampires ever did. Castiel starts to pipe up with statistics that would support Benny's argument, but Dean cuts him off. Benny realizes Dean is worried that he'll start killing humans once they get out of Purgatory. "I already told you, man, by the time I got iced I was strictly on blood transfusions." He paid for blood donations on the black market. Dean still doesn't quite believe him. At this point, they're just reluctant colleagues and not really friends. Benny says he saw something in humanity. "Something that shouldn't be taken." They argue some more. The fight works its way back around to the matter of the angel in their midst. Benny thinks they won't make it with Castiel coming along, but Dean refuses to leave his friend behind. They're so busy bickering that they don't notice that Castiel has started glancing around nervously. He tells them that Leviathans are coming. "Blip out of here," Dean tells him. "I can't, they're too close," Castiel says. "Run!" Because running is faster than instantly vanishing, somehow.

Back to the present. Sam steals a car and sets off for Washington. Because dangerous inclinations run in the family, he has a flashback while he drives. He remembers chasing his dog through the motel grounds. Sam calls after him: "No, no, Dog! Dog!" The creatively named pooch scampers through Amelia's open door and hops into her lap. You'd think such a suspicious person wouldn't leave her door wide open, but whatever. "Don't bother the angry lady," Sam says. Amelia doesn't seem displeased to see Dog, but she doesn't pet him, either. How do you not pet an adorable dog who's just stretched himself across your lap? Sam appears in her doorway with an apology. She teases him about the dog's name, but she's actually being nice, relative to what we've seen of her before. Sam decides to risk taking a step into her room. "You know, I have to say, I've seen a lot of stitches in my time, and you've got really good hands." She thanks him instead of coming back with a snotty reply, so Sam feels encouraged to continue. "So, you think I'm creepy?" he asks. "I think it's creepy you buy all your clothing at army surplus," she says. "White supremacists do that. Drifting serial killers do that." He's not worn one stitch of camouflage or olive drab in her presence. If anything, he looks like a ranch hand with aspirations of becoming a hair model. Still, this whole exchange is nice by Amelia's standards, so Sam sits down across from her. "You have no idea where you're going, either, do you?" he asks gently. "No, not really," she says. Sam guesses that Amelia doesn't have anybody. "I used to have someone, but that's over now," she says. "You know what that's like, don't you?" Sam confirms it with his best puppy dog eyes.

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