Blood Brother

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The Old Man and the Sea

Quentin still refuses to give up the Old Man's location, but offers to take Benny himself: "After me and my boys take off your hands and feet." Quentin nods towards the two other man now walking up behind Benny. Benny just smiles, unworried at finding himself suddenly outnumbered. "Don't go through all that trouble on my account," he drawls. Quentin scoffs again. "Please. You crawl your way out of God's ass for another ride on the merry-go-round? The Old Man's gonna wanna see this for himself." Benny tosses his cap aside in preparation for some serious whuppin' of asses. Quentin snarls and flashes his vampire chompers. He doesn't even get to throw punch one before Benny swings his blade and separates Quentin's head from his overly well-dressed body. The two other vampires circle around Benny. The title card flames into the screen, cutting us off from what promised to be an exciting and bloody fight. Boo!

We rejoin the show in Enid, Oregon, where the Winchesters have just pushed through a door and into a motel room. Sam makes a mad dash for the bathroom as if perhaps he'd partaken of one too many Big Gulps on the road. But, no, he was looking for someone. Having not found his quarry, he walks back into the room with a sigh. "Well, that is twice that he's burned us," Dean says. "Shame on you!" He all but waggles his finger at baby bro. "No, I'm the one who said he was setting us up," Sam says. They are talking about the Lord's Littlest Prophet, who has been billing motel rooms to fake credit cards in order to elude the Winchesters. The brothers bicker back and forth trying to decide who's at fault for losing track of the slippery little prophet. Dean calls Kevin a "crappy little credit-card-counting criminal prodigy Rain Man" in his growliest voice and scavenges the minibar for a couple of beers. "When's that little idiot gonna stop running from us?" Dean wonders. "I don't know, Dean," Sam prisses. "I mean, you did try to kill his mother." Dean smashes a beer bottle over Sam's considerable cranium. Or maybe he just hands him the bottle politely. "I was trying to kill Crowley," Dean reminds him, "who happened to be wearing Kevin's mother at the time." Sam responds with an eyeroll so forceful that it makes my screen rock backward.

They bicker some more, but thankfully Dean gets a phone call that interrupts the argument before it can escalate into some kind of vicious "I'm rubber and you're glue" situation. He answers, listens for a bit, then lies about the terrible reception so he has an excuse to take the call outside. It's Benny. Bloodied and battered, he sits slumped against a wall, surrounded by large chunks of former vampires. "Hey, Dean, you got a minute? I'm afraid I messed up, buddy." Dean hears the pain in his voice and assumes the worst. "What did you do?" he asks. Benny chuckles. "Nah, man, not like that." Sam peers through the window to see his brother engaged in an obviously intense, apparently secret conversation. Dean reacts with surprise when Benny tells him just how many vampires he took on by himself. Benny explains he's been injured and that he's going to try to crawl over to a nearby fuel barge. "I was hoping I could ask for one more favor," he says.

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