Blood Brother

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The Old Man and the Sea

Benny has a flashback that seems to pick up where relatively close to Dean's last one left off. Dean has just finished dispatching a monster while Benny wipes the blade of his own weapon clean. Another beastie makes a run at Castiel, but the bedraggled angel whips out some heavenly mojo and kills him with a glowing hand to the forehead. Dean and Benny avert their eyes from the bright light. "Well, I gotta admit the angel does have his strong points," Benny says. "But holy hell if he ain't a magnet." Dean stares at him. "Before we found Cass, you said it was my humanity that was drawing too much attention," he says. "Yeah, that, too," Benny says. Dean stares at him some more. Castiel joins them. "I think we're clear for the moment." He uses the momentary respite to muse about matters metaphysical, wondering what happens to the monsters that they kill. Benny likens Castiel to a "crazy aunt," which Castiel takes literally. "I am not your aunt," he says. "What? Really?" Benny asks with mock surprise. Castiel, still not getting it, goes on to explain how such a thing is biologically impossible while Dean, caught between them, looks on with exasperation. This whole show should just be the three of them hunting down monsters and trying to get along, like some kind of supernatural cross between The Odd Couple and Charlie's Angels.

Dean, fed up, turns his face heavenward (if such a thing is possible in Purgatory) and groans, "You two are killing me!" The bickering children settle down for the moment. Castiel has to admit that he actually agrees with Benny. "The risk of crossing Purgatory with a seraph... it's less than strategic." He's also doubtful that he can even pass through the escape hatch. Benny loves hearing this. He explains to Dean that as a living human, he can pass through. Or, as he puts it, Purgatory wants to spit him out, which is what will power their escape. Benny himself was once human so he's pretty sure he can make it through somehow, too. But Castiel... "I don't think it will work for me," Castiel finishes for him. Benny starts to chime in with his agreement, but Dean cuts him off. "Listen to me, you undead blood junkie. I'm the one with the mojo, I'm the one with the plan." Benny falls silent. Dean turns to Castiel. "We're going to shove your ass back through the eye of that needle if it kills all three of us." He's getting his angels and camels mixed up, but his heart's in the right place.

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