Blood Brother

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The Old Man and the Sea

Dean gets back to the matter at hand, which is tracking down the Old Man with whatever little clues Quentin has left behind. Dean rifles through Quentin's wallet and quietly pockets another wad of cash. He also comes up with a cable bill, of all things. Killing people, drinking their blood and sinking their boats is all fine and dandy, but vampires insist on paying for cable TV instead of just stealing it. It's nice to know monsters have their limits. The address on the bill points them to Prentiss Island.

They hop in the Impala and hit the road. "So, if you were your maker's favorite, why did he kill you?" Dean asks. "When you get turned," Benny explains, "it's like you're reborn into a vampire nest. Your maker, he means everything to you. I mean, you really start believing he's God." Benny takes a blood bag out of his cooler, because what's a road trip without snacks? This proves to be Dean's limit. He knows full well his buddy is a vampire, but actually watching him drink blood in person makes him a bit too squeamish. Benny laughs, but keeps his drinking on the down low. He goes on to say his maker was a jealous god, kept his offspring away from the outside world (not counting cable TV subscriptions) by keeping them at sea. "I always did what was best for the nest, till I met her," Benny says. Benny tells Dean about meeting a beautiful Greek heiress named Andrea Kormos on one of the yachts they were supposed to attack. Dean's probably thinking, "Can I not get into the car once without some guy telling me about the love of his life?" Seriously, though, Benny and Andrea's story is exactly like Sammy and Amelia's, except with vampires. Benny and Sammy both stopped hunting because they fell in love and wanted a normal life. Even their lady loves have similar names. Then, when their families came back into their lives, they had to give it all up. Benny says he and Andrea eventually settled down in Louisiana. That's where the Old Man and the rest of his old nest found them one night. "They pinned me down and they beheaded me," he says. "The last thing I saw was the Old Man, tearing out Andrea's throat." Dean promises him they'll get his payback.

When they get to the docks, they nab a dinghy and set off toward Prentiss Island. This bit is actually really lovely, with the still, indigo water and pinpricks of light along the shore in the background. As Benny steers, Dean takes a seat on the bow, legs dangling over the edge so that he can hop onto the rocks as they approach and tie down the boat. Benny tosses him their supplies. All of this is done wordlessly, with only the sound of the lapping water and crickets singing for the soundtrack.

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