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Drunken Bee: C+ | 2 USERS: B
Off With the Hardy Boys' Heads!

Commercials. The Metallicar screeches through a residential street. Dean and Sam have driven KC back home. From the back seat, she asks, "So this is really over?" She thanks them and gets out of the car. Sam calls after her, "Your boyfriend's death. You really should try to forgive yourself." Dean turns to him and says, "That's good advice." Thanks, kids, for watching this After School Special with me.

Driving in front of ridiculous blue screen "town" scenery, Dean asks Sam to tell him what the secret was. Sam says, "Look. You're my brother. And I'd die for you. But there's some things I need to keep to myself." So true when it comes to life partners. Sam looks beatifically out the car window, having learned so many lessons this episode, when his attention is caught by a buxom blonde standing on the street corner in a white gown. It's Jessica, who disappears behind a telephone pole and doesn't reappear. Sam works his jaw, and we fade to black.

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