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Off With the Hardy Boys' Heads!

Dean and Sam have once again had their research done for them, this time by a twelve-year-old. Dean tries to reassure Lily, reminding her that her father didn't say Bloody Mary, so he couldn't have attracted her wrath. Lily considers this thoughtfully, and it seems Dean has perfect pitch when it comes to twelve-year-old girl logic. Dean does ducky lips; I cheer and forget I ever had any complaints about anything.

Inside the house, the boys wander through the upstairs hallway, the one with all the mirrors. Someone went a little crazy during Pier One's Wrought-Iron-Festooned Reflective Surfaces Sale. They find the bathroom and peer in like little scaredy cats. The floor is still stained with blood, which is a bit odd. Sam asks if "they ever found any evidence that [the Bloody Mary legend] was a real thing?" Dean says he doesn't think so, and they walk into the bathroom and start touching things and cocking eyebrows. If only there were other types of cocking involved here. Sam remarks that kids all over the country play Bloody Mary and nobody dies from it. Dean suggests maybe it only really happens right there. Sam responds, "The place where the legend began?" As Sam talks, the mirrored medicine cabinet door drifts open; he gets visibly spooked, pauses his end of the conversation, and quickly shuts it. He continues, "According to the legend, the person who says you know what, gets it, but here --" Dean finishes the thought, "Shoemaker gets it instead." Even though things don't totally line up, the brothers are pretty convinced by Lily's story and think they need to look into it further.Cut to a pair of legs in sensible heels clicking slowly down the hallway. Kristin Cavalleri catches them in the bathroom and ask what they're doing and who they are. Dean voices some lame response about going to the bathroom and working with Donna's dad. Nancy Drew has them cornered, though: "He was a day trader, he worked by himself. And all those weird questions down there? What was that? You tell me what's going on, or I start screaming." Sam caves and tells her that they think something other than a stroke happened to Donna's dad. She challenges them tartly, "Like what?" and Sam tells her they honestly don't know yet. Then things take a little bit of an Amber Alert turn when Sam over-sinceres that they don't want anything bad to happen to anyone else, after which Dean totally creeps, "So, if you're gonna scream, go right ahead." Holy Registry of Sex Offenders, they're acting weird. She asks if they're cops, and Dean responds, "Something like that." Ewwww. Sam writes his number on a piece of paper for her and tells her that if she or any of her friends notice anything strange, that she should give them a call. How about if she notices that she's got the hankering to scratch Sam's eyes out, bwaaa ha ha ha!?

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