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Off With the Hardy Boys' Heads!

We are twenty-seven minutes in, and for the life of me I cannot figure out how they are planning on filling the rest of the time of this episode. And call me cynical, but I'm sort of thinking my doubts will not be met with any sort of radically innovative twist, but probably just a bunch more incoherent cuts and lame exposition. In their motel room, Dean is bathed in the blue light of his computer. Sam transitions, "You're doing a nationwide search?" Behind Sam is a bulletin board pinned full of monster drawings and other assorted doodlings. I can't believe they take the time to tack up all that shit every time they get to a new motel. Dean says he's searching "the NCIC, the FBI database, at this point any Mary in the country that died in front of a mirror." Sam disagrees, "If she's haunting the town, she should have died in the town," but Dean is new-school. They think there might be a pattern to the killings, and Sam nerds about folklore about mirrors revealing lies and secrets. He neglects to add that that folklore is all stupid. Dean posits that maybe it doesn't matter if a person summoned Bloody Mary or not, but rather that she simply goes after people with nasty, deadly secrets and then punishes them.

Dean turns the computer toward Sam and tells him to take a look. He prints out a series of crime-scene photographs -- nice that they bring their photo printer everywhere with them, especially the one that can print out 8x10 glossies. The photos show a woman lying facedown in a pool of blood, with a bloody handprint on a mirror. Dean says her name was "Mary Worthington, an unsolved murder in Fort Wayne, Indiana."

So they go to Indiana. The brothers are talking to an old policeman who says that the Mary Worthington murder still bothers him. When Dean asks what happened, the policeman is incredulous and exposition-y: "You boys said you were reporters?" Sam jumps in and sketches the details: "We know Mary was nineteen, won a couple beauty contests, dreamt about getting out of Indiana, and we know that on March 29th someone broke into her apartment and murdered her. Cut out her eyes with a knife." Haunted Policeman is disturbed, and Dean pushes him to tell them what he thinks happened.Haunted Policeman walks back into the room with a box full of stuff, saying that he isn't supposed to have any of it. He shows them another crime-scene photo of the mirror, in which we see the reflection of her dead body and a small "TRE" scrawled on the surface. Haunted Policeman thinks that she was trying to spell out the name of her killer and that he thinks it might have been a local man, a surgeon named Trevor Sampson, and she might have been dating this married man at the time. He continues, saying that the way her eyes were cut out, it seemed like a professional did it. Then Haunted Policeman embellishes, saying that though nobody could prove who did it, Mary spent her last minutes alive trying to expose this guy's secret. Oooooh, secrets. Get it? Sam asks where she was buried, and Haunted Policeman says she was cremated. Dean asks about the mirror, and they find out that it was returned to Mary's family.

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