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The Hardy Boys Learn Possession Is Nine-Tenths Of The Law

And next? Wouldn't you know it? Dean bursts through the door at that very moment, with gun drawn! Evil Action Sammy instantly retrieves his ridiculously enormous knife from the post and, slipping easily into tortured Emo mode now that Jo's gagged, presses the blade against her throat while pleading, "I begged you to stop me, Dean! I told you I can't fight it! My head feels like it's on fire!" "Dean, kill me," he pleads once more, "or I'm gonna kill her!" "You'd be doing me a favor!" he continues as Dean, uncertain, takes a few steps forward. Unexpectedly, Evil Action Sammy pulls himself away from Jo and, tossing his arms out wide, screams, "Shoot me! Shoot me!" Things grind down into slow motion for a few beats as Evil Action Sammy pants and Jo struggles against her restraints and Dean takes aim down the barrel of his gun, but in the end, Dean just whispers, "No, Sammy. Come on." Dean lowers and disarms the automatic as he turns back towards the exit. Evil Action Sammy rages up behind him to rant something about Dean's all-consuming loneliness, or whatever, and it's then that Dean whips around to lash his open flask across Sam's body. Evil Action Sammy roars in pain and collapses back against the post as smoke rises from every inch of skin the flask's liquid touched. "That's holy water, you dee-monic son of a bitch!" Dean shouts, and when Evil Action Sammy's growled back up to get in Dean's face, his eyes have indeed flipped beetle-black. "Yessssssssss!" hisses Raoul. Dean lashes his possessed brother twice more with the stuff, and Evil Possessed Action Sammy blindly lunges away, somehow managing to crash through one of the bar's windows onto the dock outside. Dean slashes open the ropes binding Jo's hands, and the second she's yanked the gag from her mouth, she yells, "He was possessed?" Dean shoots her a look that screams, "If you think he was anything but possessed, I probably should have let him kill you." Ow. She bellows his name, but Dean's already vanished through the shattered window frame himself.

There follows a lengthy game of cat-and-mouse between El Deano and Evil Possessed Action Sammy down in some sort of storehouse for discarded fishing-boat parts, but as this recap's hideously long already, I'll skip the specifics of all that to provide the facts, such as they are. The Entity Currently In Possession Of Sam has "lots of names," none of which it chooses to share with Dean at the moment. The entire possession was set up merely as a "test" for Dean, so the demon could see if it "could push [Dean] far enough to waste Sam." "Should've known you wouldn't have the sack," taunts The Entity Currently In Possession Of Sam. El Deano vows the entity will pay for its deception with its life. "How?" The Entity calls out from its hiding place. "You can't hurt me -- not without hurting your little brother!" "See," it continues, caving under the pressure placed upon all dark demonic forces sent from the flaming maw of Hell to offer in minute detail their plans for world domination at critical junctures in the action, rather than just offing whomever it is they came topside to kill, and where the hell was I? Oh, yeah: "See, I think you're gonna die, Dean," The Entity threatens, "you and every other hunter I can find. One look at Sam's dewy, sensitive eyes? They'll let me right in the door." Hee. So nice to see the writing staff acknowledging The Power Of The Padalecki. Finally, a demon with sense enough to seize control of the will-crushing Super-Special Puppy-Dog Eyes Of Doom! By the way, Dean's traded his pistol during all that for his flask of holy water, for reasons I trust will soon become clear. Evil Possessed Action Sammy skulks out of the storehouse for whatever nefarious reason, and Dean gives chase, carefully edging through the door to emerge upon the dock proper, where he uneasily eyes his apparently deserted surroundings. Perhaps thinking Sam's commandeered a boat, Dean crosses to the edge of the dock to peer into the water below, and wow. That sure as hell was a mistake, for Evil Possessed Action Sammy wastes not a moment to pop out of his hiding place, take aim with his own automatic, and blow a hole right through El Deano's body. "VIOLENCE!" shrieks a giddy Raoul. "WANTON, SENSELESS VIOLENCE!" Dean, even before the bullet's casing hits the wooden boards at Sam's feet, collapses backwards to vanish from the dock's edge, and as Evil Possessed Action Sammy begins to stride over, we hear Dean's body hitting the chilly waters of Superior Bay. As a lone loon wails in the background, Evil Possessed Action Sammy rather hotly storms his evil self up to the edge of the dock and darts his evil eyes around black water below until he's satisfied El Deano's gone for the swim that needs no towel. His wickedly hot wicked smirk of wicked triumph dances wickedly around upon his wicked lips as his equally wicked bangs of wicked world domination flutter wickedly in the breeze until everything's gobbled up by the METAL TEETH CHOMP! Or something like that.

Some time later, Jo -- looking rather well put-together, herself, I must admit -- performs a little flashlight-fu of her own down through the underbelly of the dock while repeatedly dialing Dean's cell until she hears his distinctive ringtone somewhere off to the side. She finds his sodden form in a heap at the bottom of a slip and races down to drag him the rest of the way out of the water and onto his feet. They stagger back up to the dock and, after a quick cross-fade, back into the bar, where Jo uses a pair of tweezers to extract the bullet from Dean's shoulder while Dean manfully swigs tequila straight from the bottle to deaden the pain. "You're a butcher," he grunts once she's done. "You're welcome!" she shoots back as she presses some gauze onto the bloody wound. "Are we done?" Dean growls impatiently. "Would you give me two minutes to patch you up?" she snaps. "You can't help Sam if you're bleeding to death!" Point to Jo. While she continues to work on his shoulder, she manages to get him to admit he wasn't certain Sam was possessed, but he was certain Sam couldn't have been responsible for all of the recent actions attributable to him. Trust me, that made sense in my head.

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