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The Hardy Boys Learn Possession Is Nine-Tenths Of The Law

After a beat wherein she works up the nerve to get her question out, she asks if demons always lie, or if on occasion they offer their victims the truth. Dean ponders that for a moment, then shrugs, all, "Sure, if they know it'll mess with your head. Why do you ask?" Jo looks uncomfortable before offering a shrug of her own. "It's nothing," she LIES, immediately changing the subject to wonder, "So do you have any idea where he's headed to next?" Dean supposes Evil Possessed Action Sammy will try to off the nearest available hunter, who happens to be in South Dakota, and considering the fact that the South Dakota border's at least five hours away from Duluth, Dean better get his injured ass in gear. Jo, of course, volunteers to go with him, but Dean immediately shoots that proposal down with, "I can't say it more plain than this: You try to follow me, and I'll tie you right back to that post and leave you here. This is my fight, and I'm not getting your blood on my hands." Jo watches in silence as he strips his discarded jacket off the chair he'd left it on and heads to the door. "Wait!" she calls out. When he turns, she grabs a massive bottle of Percodan from the first-aid kit she'd been using and tosses it at him. "They'll help with the pain," she assures him. "I should think they will!" shrieks Raoul. "The last time I mixed Percodan and tequila," he gossips, "I ended up completely..." Uh, Raoul? You don't want to share that story. "But I..." No! Trust me on this one. "Hmmph!" In any event, Dean thanks her for the narcotics and exits with a promise he'll call. Once he's gone, the camera pans in on Jo's face as she shakes her head to herself and half-smirks, "No, you won't." Oh, Jo. Men are bastards, aren't they? Especially when they're stumpy little bow-legged midgets. You should try for The Ginormotron instead.

Out on the rain-slicked road, Dean blows past in a stolen sedan, dialing a number on his cell. As the phone on the other end rings, we cut over to the location in question just in time to catch Evil Possessed Action Sammy's hand as it slices a blade through the landline's outside wire. Dean hears the line go dead, immediately realizes what must have happened, and mutters a furious, "Dammit!" to himself. Back in Evil Possessed Action Sammy's neck of the woods, The Ginormotron himself stealthily slides a gun into the back waistband of his jeans while tiptoeing across the cabin's front porch to rap on the door. Bobby answers the knock. Hi, Bobby! Long time no see! Which is basically what he says to Sam before inviting the unexpected guest inside. Evil Possessed Action Sammy LIES that he was in the neighborhood, working a job, and thought he'd drop by to see how old Bobby's been holding up. As Bobby retires to the kitchen to fetch a couple of brewskis, he asks after Dean. "He's holed up somewhere," Evil Possessed Action Sammy slyly jokes, "with a girl and a twelve-pack." "She pretty?" Bobby calls out from the kitchen. Evil Possessed Action Sammy's eyes flip beetle black as he almost sneers, "You ask me, he's in way over his head." Oh, those rascally demons. So quippy with the puns! Bobby finally returns with the beers, passes one to his guest, and toasts, "To [Daddy Shut Up]." Evil Possessed Action Sammy gets all dewy-eyed and sensitive as he agrees, "To Dad." They clink and swig, and not an instant passes before Evil Possessed Action Sammy doubles over in agonizing pain with smoke pouring from his mouth. He collapses to the floor, snarling and hissing like a wounded animal while Bobby calmly takes another pull on his bottle before gazing down with disgust at the thing on his carpet. "What'd you do?" Evil Possessed Action Sammy chokes and gags, spitting repeatedly on the floor while smoke still pours from his mouth. "Little holy water in the beer," Bobby shrugs. "Sam never would have noticed, but then, you're not Sam, are ya?" "Don't try to con a con man," he concludes, menace loaded into each word as he bends down to beat Evil Possessed Action Sammy into unconsciousness with one fist. Bobby's a fucking badass, yo.

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