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The Hardy Boys Learn Possession Is Nine-Tenths Of The Law

Bobby finally notices the brand on Sam's remarkably healthy forearm -- yeah, right -- and shouts, "It's a binding link! It's like a lock -- he's locked himself inside Sam's body!" And he wouldn't have noticed that while lashing the unconscious Ginormotron to the chair...why, exactly? Oh, whatever. I'm enjoying this episode far too much to care. The point of it all is, while Bobby's obviously been reading up on the things, he's never encountered one in real life, and so is at a loss how to proceed. Meanwhile, The Entity's reached the end of its incantation, and as it bellows the last line at the ceiling, The Key Of Solomon splits straight across the middle, sending a shower of plaster down onto the floor. Uh oh. "There, that's better!" The Entity smugs, having flipped Sam's eyes beetle black once more. It wastes not a moment to telekinetically hurl Bobby through a cabinet against a far wall before doing the same to Dean. As Dean, stunned, slumps to the floor, he loses his grip on his flask of holy water. Rather pleased with itself, The Entity uses Sam's remarkably healthy forearms to snap itself free from the ropes binding it to the chair, and advances upon Dean with, "You know when people want to describe the worst possible thing, and they say it's like Hell?" Here, The Entity lifts Dean up by the front of his shirt and decks him -- hard -- in the mouth. "VIOLENCE!" "There's a reason for that!" The Entity continues, ignoring Raoul's bellowing shrieks of jubilation. "Hell is like a --" WHAM! "Well, it's like Hell," The Entity too-casually shrugs. I probably shouldn't find that amusing, but I do. The Entity completes its thought with an "even for demons" right before slamming its fist into Dean's face again. "It's a prison," The Entity elaborates, "made of bone and flesh and blood and fear." WHAM! "And you sent me back there!" "Meg!" Dean realizes. Yep! WHAM! Also: AWESOME. I do not care that every single punch in this scene sounds like one of the Foley guys is whaling on a naugahyde sofa with an aluminum baseball bat. IT IS AWESOME. "I agree!" I know you do, you adorable little bloodthirsty reptile, you.

In any event and incidentally, Dean's bleeding quite freely from his nose at the moment, but whatever pain he's in due to the repeated WHAM!s to his face pales in comparison to the pain he next feels now that The Entity's plunged Evil Possessed Action Sammy's thumb into the bullet hole in his shoulder. "Eeeeeeeeeeeee!" "By the way," The Entity casually announces, referring to the darkest pits of Hell, "I saw your Dad there. He says, 'Howdy!'" Awesome character continuity, there. Bravo. No, seriously, I mean it. Bravo!

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