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The Hardy Boys Learn Possession Is Nine-Tenths Of The Law

And now we move into the psychological torture of the evening's proceedings, with The Entity gloating over the fact that Dean considers himself to be "worthless." "You couldn't save your Dad, and deep down, you know that you can't save your brother. They'd have been better off without you." Just as The Entity's about to haul off and clobber Dean's pretty face some more, though, Bobby leaps up behind Evil Possessed Action Sammy with a glowing poker whose business end he sears into the brand on Evil Possessed Action Sammy's otherwise remarkably healthy forearm. For whatever reason, this breaks the binding link that had been holding The Entity inside Sam, and now Evil Possessed Action Sammy flings his head back and roars, expelling a geyser of foul blackness that shoots over to the fireplace and races up the chimney. In the silence that follows, Bobby just stands there staring at Our Intrepid Heroes as Dean struggles through his physical pain to push himself up into a sitting position and Sam blearily flops around on the floor for a moment before snapping wide awake and clutching at his burned arm. Sam darts his eyes around in confusion, then weakly offers, "Did I miss anything?" With his remaining strength, Dean clocks him in the jaw, then collapses back onto the floor. Heh. Sam grabs at his now-sore face until everyone vanishes into the final METAL TEETH CHOMP!

Bobby's. Aftermath. Dean presses an ice pack to his battered face. Sam, meanwhile, has apparently reverted to his pre-possession coif, which is not nearly as alluring as its demonic version was for most of the evening. Perhaps he should hit The Entity up for a few hair-care pointers the next time they run into it. In any event, Bobby eventually wanders over with some prying questions regarding Steve Wandell. Our Intrepid Heroes wouldn't know anything about Wandell's vicious murder, would they? "No, sir!" Dean LIES. "Never heard of the guy." Saint Sammy Of The Sorely Afflicted attempts to warn his brother about the latter's LYING ways, but Bobby cuts him off with, "Good. Keep it that way. Wandell's buddies are looking for someone or something to string up, and they're not gonna slow down to listen to reason. You understand what I'm saying?" Dean nods, then rises to hit the road. "If you can remember where we parked the car," he snarks at Sam. Before they leave, though, Bobby stops them to hand over a couple of charms that "fend off possession." "That demon's still out there," he reminds them. "This'll stop it from gettin' back up in ya." "That sounds vaguely dirty," Dean deadpans, "but thanks." Heh. The gentlemen part on good enough terms, but Bobby's clearly worried about where all of this is heading.

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