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The Hardy Boys Learn Possession Is Nine-Tenths Of The Law

Oh, yeah: Sam gets all typically pissy about Dean's uncalled-for jokes, so Dean abandons the attempts at levity to shrug, "Your room's been quiet -- nobody's noticed anything unusual." Sam gets even more pissy about that, and starts flapping his arms around all, "Nobody noticed me wandering around covered in blood? How did I get here? What if I hurt someone? Or worse? What if this is what Dad warned you about?" DUN! And so early in the proceedings, as well! Dean, being the voice of reason for once in his life, orders calm, then proceeds to process through recent mysterious events as he would on any other job, asking Sam to spill all of the details he can actually recall. Unfortunately, those details are few: He left their motel room in West Texas to pick up some burgers, and that's it. Next thing he knew, he was sitting in their current room, covered in blood not his own. "Felt like I'd been asleep for a month," he admits, glowering at Dean like it's all Dean's fault for some reason. Dean announces they'll simply retrace Sam's steps, as they know from the motel's manager that Sam left yesterday afternoon. Since no one saw Sam return, Dean heads over to the window and finds the expected clue -- a set of bloody fingerprints on the window's latch.

The next thing we know, the boys are wandering around the motel's back parking lot in the rain, with Dean wondering, "You recognize anything?" Sam's drawing a blank, so they head up a hill until Sam spots a set of familiar-seeming garage-sized storage units lining an alleyway. Fortuitously enough, he also happens to find a stray key in the front pocket of his brown corduroy jacket that fits one of the sealed units' padlocks. Thunder grumbles overhead as Dean opens the door to reveal...a crappy old VW Bug! "Please tell me you didn't steal this!" Dean gags. Pissy-pants Sam works his panties into tighter and ever more complicated knots.

Our Intrepid Heroes hop into the garage to investigate the Bug, with Sam himself quickly finding more dried bloodstains on the steering wheel while Dean spots something metallic on the floormats in the back. Sam leans over to retrieve a gore-encrusted hunter's knife that pulls away from the mat with a sticky little rip. "Delicious!" shrieks Raoul, waving his paws around in the air. Gore on a Volkswagen's floormat is delicious? "I was speaking figuratively, you silly little man! I meant the sticky little ripping noise! Now get back to the recap, so I can see that gamy corpse again, already!" Oh, you had to go there, didn't you? In any event, Sam bleats, "You think I used this on someone?" Dean's choosing not to think much of anything at all at the moment, thanks, but that doesn't stop Sam from desperately wiping away any possible prints from the knife's hilt with his shirt. Meanwhile, Dean finds an open pack of menthol Silver Spur Premium Light 100s, and so jumps all over this as proof that whomever bloodied up the car could never have been Sam, for we all know Darling Sammy's a saint, and only the evilest of evil evildoers smoke cigarettes, and those who smoke menthol premium light 100s are surely destined for the lowest pit of Hell. Sam blows past all of the reasoning to push a gas receipt into Dean's face. It's from a station "a few towns over," so soon...

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