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The Hardy Boys Learn Possession Is Nine-Tenths Of The Law

...Metallicar's grumbling up beside the pumps of a "Tasty Express." "Getting any goosebumps yet?" Dean asks as the boys look around. "God-this-looks-familiar déjà-vu vibes?" Negative, so they head inside to annoy the clerk, who's played by Richard Kahan, better known to me as Diana's über-geek ex-boyfriend Marco on The 4400, which means that Supernatural's about two guest appearances away from providing full off-season employment for The 4400's entire primary cast. By the way, Marco's rocking a bit of elaborate facial hair, here, and I'm mortally ashamed to note that I do not entirely disapprove. ["Nor do I. Marco's a hottie." -- Joe R] In any event, Marco takes one look at Emo Action Sammy and orders the fifteen-foot-tall freak of weepy nature out of his mini-mart, pronto. "You talkin' to him?" Dean buhs, hiking a thumb at Emo Action Sammy's remarkably broad chest. "Yeah, I'm talkin' to him," Marco sneers. "Jerk comes in yesterday -- stinking drunk -- grabs a 40 from the fridge, and starts chuggin'." "You drinkin' malt liquor?" Dean incredulously demands of Sam. "Not after he whipped the bottle at my friggin' head!" Marco snorts. "This guy?" Dean guhs, again jabbing that thumb of his at Emo Action Sammy's remarkably broad chest. "What, am I speaking Urdu?" Marco snots. Emo Action Sammy leaps forward to set in with the apologizing, but Marco's not falling for The Super-Special Puppy-Dog Eyes Of Doom and picks up the phone to call the police. Dean quickly pushes Sam out of the mini-mart to wait in the car in order to pump Marco for some information. Long story short, after basically bribing Marco with a few twenties, Dean learns that Abusive Drunken Sammy "went north, route 71, straight out of town." Dean pointedly pockets a couple of Twix bars and bangs his way out of the store.

Some time later, Our Intrepid Heroes are tooling through the night, following Marco's directions. Sam, still moping, remains silent, ignoring Dean's questions regarding his reportedly abusive behavior towards the clerk until he spots a dimly lit turn-off from the state highway. "Turn down that road!" Sam points. Dean's all, "Wait. What?" so Sam snaps, "I don't know how I know, I just do!" Dean tugs on the steering wheel, and Metallicar grumbles off through a heavily wooded area until it reaches a large, dark, remote farmhouse. A large, dark, remote farmhouse equipped with exterior motion-activated floodlights and security cameras, as it turns out. Our Dear Boys carefully mount the steps to the front porch and peer through the darkened windows until the beam of Sam's flashlight lands on bits of shattered glass littering one of the sills. "Surprised the cops didn't show," Dean mutters, pulling out his own flashlight to examine the broken window. "Place like this, you'd think they'd have an alarm." Sam ambles down the front porch to stumble across the answer to that. "Yeah, you would," he sarcastically remarks as he flips open a battered alarm casing attached to the side of the house. The entire set-up's been short-circuited. DUN!

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