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The Hardy Boys Learn Possession Is Nine-Tenths Of The Law

Motel. The boys enter and flip on the lights, and as the camera's gone all hand-held again, I'm guessing some weird shit is about to transpire. Dean tosses his Big Bag O' Destruction onto one of the beds and announces that after they get a couple hours' worth of sleep, they'll be "putting this place in [their] rear-view mirror." Sam pinches the bridge of his nose and starts in with the pissy outrage again, what with the "But I'm a murderer!" whining and such. Dean, for his part, continues to yammer out other possibilities for what they saw on the security tape, including shape-shifters. Sam almost immediately shuts that one down given the lack of eye flares on the video, but Dean still insists, "It wasn't you!" "I mean," he hastily amends, "it might have been you, but it wasn't you." I must be a complete freak, because I actually understood that. "No comment!" snickers Raoul. In any event, Sam counters Dean's argument with the assertion, "I think it was -- I think maybe more than you know." "What the hell does that mean?" Dean warily demands as Sam settles onto one of the beds. "For the last couple of weeks," Sam confesses, "I've been having these feelings -- rage. Hate. And I can't stop it. It just gets worse -- day by day, it gets worse." Darling Sammy's got himself a righteous pair of Manson Lamps, here, and it's beginning to creep me out. Dean, blind to the increasing creepiness, breathes, "You never told me this." "I didn't want to scare you," Sam whispers, uneasily lifting his eyes to meet his brother's. "Bang-up job on that!" Dean sarcastically remarks, turning his back on Sam to retreat to his Big Bag O' Destruction. Sam starts rambling on about The Ceiling Demon's plans and how The Ceiling Demon's already driven certain super-special mommy-free and -having children like Max and Anson crazy, but Dean shuts that line of thinking down immediately with, "No one can control you but you!" "Sure doesn't seem like that, Dean," Sam agonizes. "It feels like, no matter what I do, slowly but surely I'm just becoming..." "What?" Dean demands. "Who I'm meant to be!" Sam finishes.

"You said it once yourself -- I gotta face up to who I am," Sam continues, and I don't remember Dean saying that, but then again, I never really cared about the particulars of this subplot, so whatever. Dean howls out something to the contrary, and Sam finally rises from the bed to stalk to Dean's side, where The Ginormotron positively looms over Li'l Stumpy as the boys really start tearing into each other, what with Sam reminding Dean of the latter's promise to both Daddy Shut Up and Sam himself that Dean would off Darling Sammy at the first sign of demonic nastiness, and Dean just jamming his fingers in his ears, going, "La-la-la-la-la-la-LA! I CAN'T HEAR YOU!" Sam finally gets real quiet and reaches down into Dean's Big Bag O' Destruction to retrieve an automatic, which he pushes into Dean's chest with, "I don't want to hurt anybody else. I don't want to hurt you." "You can fight this," Dean insists, refusing to take the weapon. "I can't," Emo Action Sammy shakes his head, tearing up a little bit. "Not forever." "Here," he says, slapping the pistol into Dean's hand, "you gotta do it." Then, for effect, he whimpers a little bit. There's a moment wherein they just stare each other down until Dean breaks the silence with, "I can't. I'd rather die." With that, he tosses the automatic back onto the pile of weapons on the bed and stalks around The Ginormotron to stare at the curtains. "No," Sam states, very quietly, picking the gun back up, "you'll live." Dean turns back around at that with a puzzled expression on his face. Sam spins to face him, and with his voice strengthening and deepening a bit, amends his earlier statement with, "You'll live to regret this." POW! Evil Action Sammy slams the gun's butt into Dean's head with a wicked backhand, and the shot shifts into slow motion as Dean crashes, unconscious, to the motel room's scummy carpet. "HOORAY!" shrieks Raoul. "RANDOM ACTS OF WANTON VIOLENCE! Eeeeeeeeeeeee!" As the ominous strings start thrumming on the soundtrack, the camera shifts to a low-angle of the room with dead-to-the-world Dean in the blurry foreground of the shot as Evil Action Sammy takes all of three gigantic steps to reach the door and vanish into the hallway. And as he slams the door behind him, the METAL TEETH CHOMP! devours the brother Evil Action Sammy's left behind.

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