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Caged Heat

So, Meg approaches Crowley with The Knife, but the sneaky little bastard sweeps his leg around to knock her off her feet, grabbing The Knife from her hand as she falls. He then hurls the blade at the ceiling with such force, the devil's trap cracks, freeing him to lash out with a little telekinetic mojo of his own. Crowley quickly incapacitates Meg before just as quickly nailing Our Intrepid Heroes to the wall, and things are looking pretty grim, indeed, for Sam and Dean at the moment, so it's really quite fortunate that My Sweet Baboo decides to flutter back in at this juncture. Castiel's toting a burlap sack, and if you didn't immediately realize the thing held Crowley's bones, well, you're a moron. "Can you restore Sam's soul or not?" Castiel demands, and after much hemming and hawing, Crowley admits he can't. Without an instant's hesitation, My Badass Baboo torches the burlap, and wave goodbye to Mark Sheppard, kids! "Oh!" Raoul pouts. "But I liked him!" Yeah, so did I. I'm thinking they might have made a mistake, here, but we'll have to see how the rest of the season plays out, I suppose. In any event, as our Intrepid Heroes gape, Crowley's flaming ashes collapse into this evening's final METAL TEETH CHOMP! "[A-him!] 'Dear Miss Gamble!'" Oh, Raoul. Really? "Hee! Just kidding this time! Though I am still deeply disappointed in her unwise decision not to kill all the infants during that otherwise delightful pre-credits sequence!" There are some disappointments in life we must simply endure, I'm afraid. "That's true!" Now, may I? "Be my guest!" Excellent.

Crowley's Home For Wayward Monsters. Immediate aftermath. Awesome Sammy races to retrieve The Knife That Can Kill Anything Except When It Usually Can't from Crowley's ashes so he might twist it into Meg's guts, but by the time he's snatched the thing up, she's disappeared. Remarks are made, and we next retire to the asylum's parking lot, where Our Intrepid Heroes thank My Sweet Baboo for his assistance this evening before inquiring as to the current state of affairs in Heaven. Things aren't going so well for Castiel, I'm afraid, but I'm sure we'll find out more about that at a later date. In the meantime, My Sweet Baboo again offers to assist Awesome Sammy in any way he can, but Sam just shrugs and says, "You really wanna help? There's a prison full of monsters -- can't just leave 'em, can't let 'em go." Castiel understands and flutters off to wreak havoc within the walls of Crowley's Home, and I think Castiel's going to kill all of those infants for you, Raoul. "Hooray!" Off screen. "Rats!"

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