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Caged Heat

...Tinkle, Tinkle RAAAWWWR! "Drat!" Still hating the sixth season's title card, Raoul? "Hmph!" I'll take that as a yes. Hey, why don't you put that in your letter, too? "I'll think about it! Though to be sure, I've half a mind not to send my letter anymore, after they ruined that perfectly delightful moment with this...! This...!" Spit it out, Raoul. "This vile monstrosity!" Feel better? "NO I DO NOT!" Really? "Well, perhaps just a little!" Beautiful. Shall we carry on, then? "Please! Let's!" Excellent.

The Impala grumbles up out of the darkness to park near something industrial, and Our Intrepid Heroes disembark to deliver a manacled and hooded rugaru to two of Crowley's besuited underlings. "Where's your boss?" Dean pretty much asks, eliciting the following from the henchdemon gifted with lines this evening: "Bangin' a hooker in a sweet spot called None Of Your Business." "Ho!" Dean hos, marveling at the henchdemon's unexpected witticism for a moment before demanding a face-to-face chit-chat with Crowley himself, as the boys apparently haven't seen Hell's recently minted king since he sent them off after that hideously boring dog a couple of episodes ago. "I'm sorry," The Henchdemon With Lines retorts by way of reply, "I see your lips moving, but I can't understand what you're saying, 'cause I don't speak Little Bitch." Nice. The Henchdemon With Lines allows his eyes to flip beetle black for a moment before joining his silent colleague in their SUV to motor off into the night, leaving Our Intrepid Heroes with little choice but to...

...head back to the remote and ramshackle hovel they're treating as This Week's Motel Room for whatever insane reason. Dean's apparently been griping about Crowley the entire drive over, and the tedious bickering continues as he enters the shack and crosses to the decaying mantelpiece to pour himself a cocktail. Mention is made once again of Sam's soul, because the sadists responsible for this crap evidently think we've all somehow managed to forget about that particular plot point since the last episode aired, and when Dean turns back around to continue the argument, he finds that his brother has vanished. I have to admit: For a very long moment, I figured Darling Sammy just bailed on Dreary El Deano's ass because he's as sick of his brother's incessant bullshit as I am. "Demian!" chides Raoul. "Language!" Oh, leave me alone -- you know you were thinking the exact same thing. "Hee! It's true!" In any event, Dean sets his refreshing cocktail down on a rickety end table and carefully draws his trusty pearl-handled automatic from the waistband of his jeans, because he obviously disagrees with both Raoul and me and is certain something's amiss. Tiptoeing through the ruin's first floor, he sidles around a corner to find...Darling Sammy, sprawled unconscious on the floor! DUN! Though to be honest with you lovely people once again, I was pretty sure he'd just passed out from all the boredom. Until, you know, another black-eyed demon whacked Dean upside the head with a two-by-four. "VIOLENCE!"

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