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Caged Heat

The next thing we know, both boys have been lashed to chairs, and as Darling Sammy suddenly snaps himself awake, Dejected El Deano glumly wonders, "What now?" "I think I know who you can ask," Darling Sammy grimaces, eyeing the presence now looming just off-camera behind his brother. Dean swings his head around as far as he can, takes one look at this scene's newest arrival, and immediately seethes, "Evil. Bitch!" It's Meg, of course, and still in her Rachel Miner form, as we all might have guessed from the THEN!, and she leans in close to Dean's ear to coo, "Keep sweet-talking me, and this can go in a whole different direction!" I suspect that different direction might have been infinitely more interesting than the direction we ended up with, but then again, given the way this season's been going, maybe not. In any event, insults are traded and leering propositions are made until everyone finally gets to the point: Meg would like directions to Crowley's secret lair, and she'd like them now, thank you very much. You see, she and the other dark demonic forces who ended up on the wrong side during last season's abortive Apocalypse thanks in part to Crowley's infernal machinations now want revenge, and to exact that revenge, Meg has the perfect weapon: Princess Sparkles's Knife That Can Kill Anything Except When It Usually Can't. Just a hunch, here, but I think The Knife will be living up to its full name this evening. Again.

Anyway, the boys attempt to bluff their way through various denials until Darling Sammy, armed as he is with his Super-Exclusive Soulless Spidey-Sense, realizes Meg and her henchdemons are absolutely terrified of Crowley, and have likely been on the run from him and his minions for the last year. Just go with it, because if you don't just go with it, we could be here all night ranting about it. "I'm going with it!" I knew I could count on you, friend of friends. "Hee!" "So, you know what you gotta do now?" Sam leads, of course addressing the sassy demonette. "Let me guess," Meg replies. "You're gonna tell me?" "Work with us," Sam insists, much to Dean's vocal dismay. "We'll hand you Crowley with a bow," Sam promises, "on one condition: We go with you, and you help us wring a little something out of him before you hack him to bits." "What?" Meg asks, obviously intrigued. "Doesn't matter," Sam snaps back, playing his cards close to his remarkably broad and healthy chest. "Question is," he continues, "can you get us what we need?" "I apprenticed under Alastair in Hell," she reminds him, "just like your brother." "So," she practically laughs, turning her attention from Sam to Dean, taunting the latter with her question, "can I make Crowley do whatever I want?" Dean drops his eyes to the ground for a very long moment, because he's still guilt-ridden and tormented and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, then lifts them again to stare Meg down as he confirms, "Yeah, she can." "It's a deal, then!" Meg giggles. "Hugs and puppies all around!" she adds, a sparkly little sarcastic twinkle in her eye, and God help me, but I'm kind of hoping she makes it through this episode alive, as she's currently the most entertaining person I've seen on this show in weeks. With that, Meg and her minions make to exit, leaving the boys still lashed to their chairs, but one of her underlings delays things a bit by stopping to glower over each of the brothers until Dean's forced to mutter something we're meant to find amusing, and Meg practically has to drag the guy out by his ear.

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