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Caged Heat

Crowley's Home For Wayward Monsters. Immediate aftermath. Our Intrepid Heroes, My Sweet Baboo, and Meg And The Remaining Minions dash for the doors at the far end of the hallway, but the invisible Hellhounds fell the remaining minions, so the little invading party's now been reduced to those actors who actually have lines this evening. Sam and Dean barricade the doors and lay down a thick line of salt, but everyone knows from previous experience that these measures are all but useless. "I knew this was a trap!" Dean rages. "Whaddya want, a cupcake?" Meg teases. "Well," she breezily continues, "I'll be pulling for you from Cleveland." "What?" Dean spits. "I didn't know this was gonna happen," Meg insists, "but bright side? Them chewing up my meat suit oughta buy you a few seconds. Seacrest out!" With that, she unhinges her host's lower jaw to expel a thick cloud of bitterly black demonic goo towards the ceiling, but nothing happens. Castiel correctly surmises that Crowley's cast a spell to keep Meg trapped within her host for the duration, so Sam, left with no other choice, attempts to hand her The Knife That Can Kill Anything Except When It Usually Can't. "You can see them," he argues, referring of course to the Hellhounds. "Take this, and hold them off -- it's our best shot." "At Crowley," Meg reminds him. "Take it and go," she urges them. "You kill the smarmy dick, and I'll hold off the dogs." She then hikes her tongue down My Sweet Baboo's throat, the better to distract him while she fumbles about inside his trench coat for his trusty Angel-Smiting Scimitar. Unsurprisingly enough, given Castiel's recent introduction to pornography, the angel's more than open to the demonette's advances, and they mack for a very long while, with Castiel even tossing her up against a wall in the middle of it all and playing with her hair.

"What was that?" Meg archly wonders once Castiel has finally broken away from her. "I learned that from the pizza man," Castiel confidently replies. Meg gives him an A for effort, or something like that, then orders them to run, hoisting The Angel-Smiting Scimitar into the air to prove she's got things covered. Our Intrepid Heroes plus Castiel vanish into the next corridor, and after several very lengthy seconds of huffing and puffing, the Hellhounds finally blow the doors down. One of the things immediately knocks Meg to the floor, but she just as quickly recovers and starts hacking away at them, coating the nearby walls with black Hellhound blood.

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