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Hail Hardy Boys, The Lord is With Thee!
target="_blank">Bana or Norton?" Heh. "Oh, no," Cathy Randolph shakes her head. "Those movies were awful!" Hee. "The TV Hulk," she finishes. Dean's all, "Ferrigno?" "Yes." "Spiky-haired Lou Ferrigno?" "Yes!" Dean takes a moment to absorb the implications of all that before swallowing hard and delicately inquiring, "Would there be any reason that, uh, Lou Ferrigno -- The Incredible Hulk -- would have a grudge against your husband?" Cathy Randolph's all, "Um, that would be 'no,' duuuuuuuuh!" so Our Intrepid Heroes are perplexed.

Back at this week's motel room, Dean's reading up on Bill Randolph's most untimely demise courtesy of The Wellington Guardian's website when Sam returns from violating the crime scene. "Dirty!" No, not like that. "Rats!" He sneaked past the police cordon to examine the house, and wouldn't you know it? There's a giant, eight-foot-wide, Hulk-like hole where the front door used to be. Dean's not as surprised at this development as one might expect, as he's unearthed a string of evidence online that indicates Mr. Randolph "had quite the temper," including two citations for spousal abuse, several arrests for bar brawls, and a string of court-ordered anger-management sessions. "You might say you wouldn't like him when he's angry," Dean concludes. "Just desserts," Sam muses, understanding the connection between Mr. Randolph's unpleasant personality and the thing that apparently killed him before adding, "It's all starting to make sense." And why is that? Because Darling Sammy found the crime scene littered with candy wrappers, and as we all remember, I'm sure, tricksters have one hell of a sweet tooth. "And Richard Speight's name was in those gruesome opening credits!" Yes, Raoul, that's very perceptive of you. "Thanks!" Now, may I continue? "Please do!" So, as soon as Dean comes to understand what everyone in the audience already knew about this week's most likely suspect, he leaps from his research to his feet to snort, "Good! I've wanted to gank that mother since The Mystery Spot." Sam's of another mind on the matter, however, because he's been reading the forum boards, and so knows that The Trickster could be a valuable ally in their current struggles against both The Heavenly Host and all the forces of Hell. Dean, naturally, is outraged at the very suggestion they team up with the "bloody, violent monster" who took great pleasure in icing him thousands of times during the course of said monster's previous appearance on the show, but Sam eventually prevails by pointing out that they haven't "the luxury of a moral stand" at this point in the game. "And if it doesn't work," Sam adds, "we'll kill him." Dean rolls his eyes, but agrees to the plan. One thing, though: "How are we gonna find him?" Sam notes The Trickster never takes just one victim, so Our Intrepid Heroes...

...spend the next several hours sharpening wooden stakes while monitoring the local police band, apparently, for when next we see them, that's exactly what they're doing. Their lives are so exciting. Soon enough, a frightened-sounding deputy's voice breaks through the static on the radio to announce he's got "a possible Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11Next





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