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Hail Hardy Boys, The Lord is With Thee!
target="_blank">one eighty-seven" "at the old paper mill on Route 6," so Our Intrepid Heroes hop to it, and quickly arrive at...

...the decrepit, rotting hulk of a former paper mill in question. They are, of course, the only ones there, because they're being set up by tonight's very special guest. Our Dear Boys do at least have the good grace to acknowledge that fact, and so arm themselves with flashlights and their special Trickster-sporking wooden stakes before yanking open the mill's door and scampering into...

...Dr. Sexy, MD! D'OH! Yet another strummy alterna-ovary groans something I can't interpret thanks to her utter lack of proper enunciation as Our Befuddled Heroes shoot panicky, puzzled expressions at each other while fingering their unfamiliar white lab coats. After a pair of passing hospital wenches eye them lasciviously while addressing them both as "Doctor," Dean swings open the door they'd just passed through to find a candy striper and an orderly making out in a supply closet. D'OH! That fetchingly frazzled nurse from the earlier sequence approaches them at this point from the ward's main desk and immediately...slaps the taste straight out of Darling Sammy's mouth! "VIOLENCE!" howls Raoul, writhing about upon his overstuffed armchair with delight, for it's been three miserable weeks since we've seen any of the good stuff on this godforsaken show, and he's thus in the mood to take whatever this evening's presentation has to offer as far as that goes, despite the fact that this straggly-haired bint's just threatened to mar Darling Sammy's otherwise remarkably healthy face. "Woe!" cries Raoul. "Do you see how far they've forced me to lower my standards?!" It's heartbreaking, my scaly friend. "[Sob!]" Now, might I continue? Because she's about to slap him again, and it's really quite amusing. "Oh, if you must!" Thanks. "Don't mention it!"

"Seriously!" the straggly-haired bint breathily rages while Darling Sammy gapes at her. "You're brilliant, you know that?" the bint continues, while Dean stares open-mouthed at her face. "And a coward!" she continues. "You're a brilliant coward!" Sam's all, "What are you talking about?" so she...hauls off an whacks him in the teeth one more time! Hee. "As if you don't know!" she spits before spinning on her heel and flouncing off down the hallway, and you'll pardon me for a moment while I note the following: I have never sat through a single moment of Grey's Anatomy, and if this spoof's dialogue is any indication of the original's quality -- and several people have indicated that it is -- then I am happy to say that I will never sit through a single moment of Grey's Anatomy as long as I live. Ignoring me, Dean exclaims, "I don't believe this!" the instant the straggly-haired bint's disappeared around a far corner. "That was Doctor Piccolo!" Sam's all, "Who in the what, now?" so Dean excitedly elaborates, "Doctor Ellen Piccolo! The sexy yet earnest doctor at Seattle Mercy Hospital!" Sam's still completely confused, so Dean practically piddles himself with glee as he explains that the doctor get-ups plus the sexy interns plus the Seriouslys can only mean one thing: They're actually in his favorite TV show! And with that, the strummy little mush-mouthed alterna-ovary tweedles us out into the first commercial break.

Seattle Mercy. Aftermath. Our Intrepid Heroes wander the halls, muddling their collective way through possible explanations for their current predicament until The Ginormotron finally comes up with the most readily apparent answer: "The Trickster trapped us in TV Land." Dean pffts that that's preposterous, but after they run into "Doctor Wang, the sexy but arrogant heart surgeon" and "Johnny Drake," "the Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11Next





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