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Hail Hardy Boys, The Lord is With Thee!
target="_blank">ghost in the mind" of "the sexy but neurotic" doctor who never gets a name, Dean's a little more inclined to agree with Sam's assessment of the situation. "This show has ghosts?" Sam buhs. "Why?" "I don't know," Dean shrugs before adding, "It is compelling." Sam calls him out on that, noting Dean had claimed earlier that he wasn't a fan, and barely has Dean once again denied watching the show on a regular basis when, to the dulcet tones of a flourishing harpsichord, he sets his instantly smitten fanboy eyes on Doctor Sexy himself. Heh. Dean practically giggles when Doctor Sexy addresses them personally, and is instantly mortified when Doctor Sexy proceeds to lay into him for defying an earlier direct order to perform "the experimental face transplant on Mrs. Beale." Dean stammers for a moment, attempting to bluff his way through an answer until he spots Doctor Sexy's immaculate sneakers. Immediately understanding that footwear so pedestrian is dreadfully out of character for his mancrush, Dean slams "Doctor Sexy" up against a wall, seething something about knowing who the guy really is until the action around them grinds to a stop-motion halt. "Doctor Sexy" offers Our Intrepid Hero a broad grin before...morphing down into The Trickster! Which, you know, we've been anticipating ever since Richard Speight's name appeared in those gruesome opening credits, so whatever, and snore. "[Yaaaaaaaaaaaaawn!]" Raoul adds for emphasis, attempting to be helpful, and all of that jaw-cracking that's accompanied the unhinging of your maw is most impressive, indeed, Raoul, but do you mind? "Not at all!" Thanks. "No problem! [Yaaaaaaaaaaaaawn!]" Rrrrgh.

Anyway, and long story short, The Trickster heard these two "yahoos" -- his word, not mine, though it's terribly appropriate, don't you think? -- were in town, and couldn't resist having a little fun with them. He knows they "broke the world," and he knows they've come to request his assistance in setting things aright, but after the history these three have shared over the last few years, he's in no mood to do them any favors, so Our Intrepid Heroes must first survive the next twenty-four hours playing the "game" he's so thoughtfully constructed for them before he'll even consider listening to their arguments in favor of his intervention. And with that, he vanishes in a zap of televisual fuzz, leaving Sam and Dean to negotiate the game without further instruction. DUN!

So, what do they do? Bicker with each other as they continue roaming the seemingly neverending maze of halls there at Seattle Mercy, of course. Brilliant plan, boys. Just brilliant. However, it's not long before Sexy Yet Earnest Doctor Ellen Piccolo accosts Darling Sammy one more time, and when The Ginormotron leans down, and down, and down, and down and down and down and down and down and down into her face to inform her that he is not, in fact, a doctor, Sexy Yet Earnest Doctor Ellen Piccolo reacts with abject horror. "Don't say that!" she gasps. "You are the finest cerebro-vascular neurosurgeon" -- heh -- "I have ever met, and I have met plenty!" She babbles on endlessly about some girl dropping dead under Sam's watch in the OR and claims, "You're afraid to operate again, and you're afraid to love!" Even Dean has to roll his eyes at that one, but he's soon enough engaged in a bit of his own mind-numbing hospital-drama cliché when the scruffy and downtrodden Mr. Beale shambles into the hallway to wonder why Doctor Dean won't perform his wife's face transplant. And I can't believe I just typed that sentence. "It is rather silly!" Pipe down, Raoul. "Hmph!" As the ever-present alterna-ovary moans away on the soundtrack, Dean blares something in the guy's face about how none of this is real before whirling around and bow-leggedly clompy-stomping off down the hallway. Unfortunately for Dean, Mr. Beale's gun works just fine within the confines of The Trickster's Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11Next





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