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Hail Hardy Boys, The Lord is With Thee!

Unfortunately, no sooner has the lollipop-sucking lab tech expired than one of the other cops on the scene dissolves into giggles before morphing into The Trickster. "You got the wrong guy!" I'm sure he cackles. "Did we?" Dean asks rhetorically, still laying it on thick with the Caruso impersonation as Sam...jams another jagged stick through The Trickster's back! "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!" Oh, Raoul. I'm so glad you're enjoying these developments. "EEEEEEEEEEEEE!" The Trickster drops to the ground, apparently dead, and within moments of his passing, the grass around his apparent corpse vanishes in a zap of televisual fuzz, and the camera pans up from his body to show Sam and Dean, once more in their regular clothes, standing in the middle of that abandoned paper mill. The camera passes from one panting Intrepid Hero to the next until the METAL TEETH CHOMP! gets sick of the merciless tease and finally races in to nibble on Darling Sammy's lips.

This week's motel room. Aftermath. Dean finishes up brushing his teeth while expressing his concerns for his angelic boyfriend's well being, but Sam doesn't answer. Dean pokes his head into the room proper to find it deserted, so he heads outdoors. Sam's nowhere to be found -- or is he? Dean leaves an abrupt message on his brother's voice mail and crawls into the Impala, grumbling to himself about Sam's disappearance until Sam's electronically enhanced voice hesitantly calls out, "Dean?" and oh, my awesome. "Where are you?" Dean barks. "I don't know," Sam replies as the camera scuttles down beneath the dashboard to take in a familiar-looking LED panel where the tape deck should be, and the panel lights up when Sam realizes, "Oh, crap! I don't think we killed The Trickster." HA!

The Knight Rider theme music kicks in as The Sampala tears through a sunny stretch of backwoods blacktop and yes, they've got that little red light bouncing back and forth behind the car's grille, and you know how I said the HerpeXia ad was the best part of the episode? I was a LYING LIAR WHO LIES. We get some glorious car porn as The Sampala grumbles down the road towards points unknown until the camera finally settles in on a supremely unamused and stone-faced Dean behind the wheel. Dean and the car -- hee! -- puzzle through their latest conundrum with the Knight Industries Sam Two Thousand eventually understanding that The Trickster mustn't be a trickster at all. "Son of a bitch!" Dean growls, figuring it all out, and the next thing we know, they've...

...parked at The Centennial Point Wilderness Area so Dean can root through The Sampala's bottomless trunk. "Dean?" KISTT interrupts. "That, uh, feels really uncomfortable." HA! Dean, thoroughly over it all by now, rolls his eyes and slams the trunk shut, eliciting a tiny "Ow!" from The Sampala. Once KISTT's recovered from the indignity of the situation, he asks, "You think this is gonna work?" "No," Dean grumps, crossing to the front of the car, "but I have no other ideas." He then plants his feet in the dirt and screams up at the sky, "All right, you son of a bitch! Uncle! We'll do it!" Pause. "Should I honk?" Hee! This is just fucking adorable. I'm kind of hoping The Non-Trickster Trickster just leaves them like this for the rest of the series. "Heaven forefend!" shrieks Raoul. "That impressively broad young man simply must be restored to his naturally delightful stature posthaste!" I suppose you're right, Raoul. Still, I could probably handle an entire episode like this. "Bite your tongue!" Oh, lighten up. "Hmph!"

In any event, The Non-Trickster Trickster ambles on over, and in a twist I didn't see coming despite the presence of that Raphael clip in the THEN!, after The Non-Trickster Trickster restores Darling Sammy to his -- as Raoul would have it -- "naturally delightful stature," Sam flicks open a Zippo and sets alight the ring of Jerusalem oil Dean had oh-so-cleverly laid down before The Non-Trickster Trickster's arrival. The Non-Trickster Trickster attempts to bluff his way out of it for a moment, but he quickly caves, and with a zap of televisual fuzz, he knocks them all back to that abandoned paper mill, for real this time around. This reveal -- that the character we'd known up until now as a pagan god is actually another of Castiel's brethren -- isn't as mind-bending as the one they threw at us midway through last season's finale, but it fits neatly with everything they've presented to us up to this point, so indulge me while I offer Kripke & Ko. a slow golf clap. Bravo, Mr. Kripkeeper, sir. Bravo. "Where'd you get the holy oil?" our latest angelic acquaintance asks of Our Intrepid Heroes while offering them a slow golf clap of his own. "Let's just say we pulled it out of Sam's ass," Dean jokes. Sam bitchfaces. Heh. And what tipped the boys off to The Non-Trickster Trickster's true identity? "Mostly it was the way you talked about Armageddon," Dean allows. "Nobody gets that angry unless their talking about their own family." And I didn't note that much anger rising off The Non-Trickster Trickster during their brief shared scene in Sitcom Hell, but I'll allow Dean his point, mostly because the fun part of this episode's over, and I want to get through the next seven goddamned minutes' worth of speechifying as quickly as possible. To that end, I'll try to keep this brief: Long story short, The Non-Trickster Trickster is actually Gabriel -- as in Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11Next





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