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The Cook, The Vamp, The Hunter & His Brother

"What do you want?" Benny asks. "I want your head on a stake," Martin says as he whips out a machete with his free hand. Benny gives a nod of acceptance. He trudges over to the counter, leans over and rests his cheek on it. Elizabeth may not understand much of what's going on, but she understands what's about to happen. "Roy, no," she sobs. Benny looks at her with tear-filled eyes and whispers, "I'm sorry." Martin advances on Benny and swings the machete up in preparation for the killing blow. Elizabeth screams.

Instead of finding out what happens to Benny, we cut to Kermit, Texas, where Sam has just arrived at the house he once shared with Amelia. He readies his gun and sneaks up to the front window. He peers inside, but nothing could have prepared him for the horror that he's witnessing. There, before his eyes, are Amelia and Don... cuddling together on the couch. They also appear to be sharing a beer. Won't somebody think of the children?!

Meanwhile, Dean is back on the road, singing along a little bit to Steve Earle's "Feel Alright." Before things can break into a full-on musical number, he gets a call. It's Elizabeth. "You told me to call if I saw... him," she says, unsure of what name to use now. Her hands and the entire front of her dress are soaked with blood. "What do you mean?" Dean asks. "Roy? Is he there right now?" Elizabeth seems to be staring down at someone or something on the floor, but we are not privy to what she sees. Please don't be Benny. Please don't be Benny. Please don't be... "Just come?" she asks. Dean whips the Impala around and heads back for Carencro.

When he gets to the cafe, he finds Elizabeth sitting on the front stoop. Unable to speak, she can only point a trembling hand behind her. Dean, seeing her wounds, presses a handkerchief to her neck before heading inside. There, he follows a trail of blood through upended chairs and tables to a body lying on the floor. Dean steels himself. I steel myself. Please don't be Benny. And the dead man is.... Martin! THANK GOODNESS. Sorry, but he had it coming. His neck looks like raw hamburger and he's surrounded by a pool of blood. I know some online speculation has been that the amount of blood left behind means Benny may not have fed on Martin, but it could just as easily be a matter of the show simply being generous with the gore. Dean gives Martin's body a look like, "You poor, dumb, crazy bastard."

Back to Kermit we go. Sam is having a drink at the bar when a thought suddenly occurs to him. He takes out his phone and tries one more time to call Amelia's number. This time, someone picks up... but it's Dean on the other end, not his crabby ex-girlfriend. "Sam, I need your help, come quick," Sam says, reading aloud the text he received. He realizes Dean has switched Amelia's phone number with a burner phone. "When did you do that?" he asks. "A while back, in case I needed it," Dean says. Then, borrowing Sam's words from the beginning of this episode, he adds, "Looks like I made the right call." They argue for a bit and eventually get around to the whole reason Dean sent Sam away in the first place. "So, is it done?" Sam asks. "It's done," Dean says. So... is Dean letting Sam think that Benny is dead? Sam is pretty upset to learn that Martin died in the process, even though he's the one who left the nutball on his own. "Was it Benny?" Sam asks. Dean pauses for a moment, then: "He had it coming, Sam." He tries to explain to Sam what happened, but Sam's all, "I know what happened, Dean!" Which, you know, he totally doesn't, but whatever. He hangs up on Dean, pays for his drink and turns around to find Amelia standing there. "I knew that was you," she says. She must have seen the giant shadow lurking outside her window and realized it was either Sam or a Sasquatch. Sam makes a series of scared/confused/generally weird faces, but says nothing. And that, for some reason, is what the show decides is a good cliffhanger to go out on.

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